Today’s Shopping Finds

February 10, 2007 § Leave a comment

Ok to start off with I visited ETD to find she’s got several new hairs released. Most of them seem to be named after the SL Fashionista set. Like this one named Roslin for L$175 per color pack.

Hair – ETD – Roslin – Chestnut; Skin – Teta a Pied – Rose Medium – Sophisticate 2; Eyes – Miriel – Basic Brown

Also at ETD I picked up this Sweater for L$100. I like pale yellow. I also like Argyle occasionally.

Eye – Miriel – Basic Brown; Hair – ETD – Solerna – Chestnut Frosted; Maincure – Lulu/Starley – Dark Red; Skin – TaP – Rose Medium Sophisticate 2; Skirt – Last Call – Droog

Then I went over to PixelDolls looking for the Love Lace underwear collection Neph & Launa Fauna have been doing until Valentines Day. Found lots of cute things. First is a Gilded Green Paisley combination.

Hair – ETD WLSB – Bedded Attitude – Chestnut Brown; Skin – TaP – Rose Medium – Seductress 1; Tatoos – CAnimal – Henna Pack II; Outfit – Pixel Dolls/Love Lace Gilded Green Paisley

This is a cute little set called Exotic within the Love Lace collection. This top just begs to be worn with a cute little skirt. It’s much too pretty to be hidden under clothing.

Outfit – Pixel Dolls/Love Lace – Exotic – Black; Hair – ETD WLSB – Simplicity Sassy – Chestnut Brown; Skin – Tete a Pied – Rose Medium Gamine Cherry


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