February 24, 2007 § Leave a comment

You’ve probably seen me cover the Soviet Army and Air Force Coats by D3volution previously. Now they have Spetznaz which is Soviet special forces. In RL for one SCA Ork Wars in the Barony of Grey Niche I dressed up as a Spetznaz. For that I wore my period (medieval) Russian tunic, black BDU pants, black beret and combat boots. So when the spetznaz coat became available I had to go purchase it immediately. I paired it with LF’s Duty hair. I don’t particularly care for her brown textures, but this hair just goes with the outfit perfectly.

Eyes – Miriel – Light Brown; Hair – Launa Fauna – Duty – Chocolate Brown; Skins – Celestial Studios Vogue – Champagne – Brown Smoky; Jewelry – Last Call – Bishonen Women’s Dog Tags; Shoes – Lo-Top Kool Kicks – Black; Coat – D3volution – Women’s Spetznaz Charcoal Overcoat; Pants – Luminosity – Camo Casual; Top – Mischief – G.I. Janie Army Punk Tshirt


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