March 20, 2007 § 1 Comment

LaynieWear isn’t a designer I’ve tried before but I have a corset fetish and a thing for velvet and tapestry so her recent designs intrigued me.

The corsets come with a white gathered blouse on both shirt and underwear layers while the corset is on the jacket layer.

The impressed velvet on the short violet corset has nice depth and almost invisible seams. I was kind of afraid that the split would look weird on me. Unlike most fashion-avs, mine is short and has a bit of a tummy and not everything (particularly from the old Dazzle line) looks good on her. It’s not something you hear much about because it doesn’t come up as much. Everything always fits and people tend to mod their shapes so it looks good. I don’t because I’m lazy lol and forget to put the shape on the next time I wear it. Even the “no butt” one for mesh skirts. Anyway. No weirdness and the split shows off the belly ring as I’m sure it was meant to.

The Teagan long brocade corset in white also has a split and no weirdness. I like the nice thick straps on both of these, they look like they really could give you some support if you needed it, plus bringing the pattern up to your shoulders. A common problem with corsets from new designers is that they tend to be overly square at the bust, neck and shoulder areas. The human frame doesn’t allow for this in real life so it ruins the illusion. These are beautifully curved the way you’d want your real life corset to look. The corset does have some issues at the seams but you have to zoom in to see them. A freebie pack sent out to the FashCon list on St. Patrick’s Day included the green top which is cute under the corset and brings in some color.

I should add that I’m wearing a Calla hair in their new Relay for Life texture. They have a pack with the texture plus tips for several hairs up for $200L.


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