First Impressions Pixels in Pink

March 27, 2007 § Leave a comment

First Impressions has released 3 Pixels in Pink suits of which I am wearing the darkest.

I really am wearing a shirt under the suit, one the same color as the collar. Below, I’m wearing a white cami to give better contrast and because the button-down look just isn’t me.

I don’t have any before pictures for you to show how far First Impressions has come but I remember. And I’M impressed! She’s really worked hard and it shows. The details are incredible (love the buttons and creases on the trousers) and the shading is everywhere. One caveat. The highlighting is a little strong and needs to be blended in better. The pictures above look like I set up lighting to pick out all the details but I didn’t that’s how the highlighting is done. It just looks wrong.

One more thing. Also available in the same store are pearls for Relay for Life. Pink and purple with earrings and bracelet. To go with the pink suits? In case you want to be Barbie for Halloween. Cause there’s nothing scarier?


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