I finally got an animation override t…

March 28, 2007 § Leave a comment

I finally got an animation override to work nicely in a way I like. I’ve tried various types of AO’s but I’d either take it off when adding/changing prims or it would start annoying me and there was no way I could figure out how to add poses/animations to the AO. Well at Reel Movement I found the Zhao (short for Ziggy’s HUD Animation Overrider) for free (Or was it L$1? I honestly don’t remember). Then I loaded it with all my poses that I liked. Just by dragging the pose into the object when you’ve got the edit window open. Then you edit the note card. The note card took me a little while to understand. You have lines not to touch (those with something already there) and then you just type the exact name of the pose/animation you want played below the type it is. For example:

:: [ Standing 1 ] ::
*luth* classy 1
:: [ Standing 2 ] ::
*luth* classy 2

Another nice thing is the fact I can add different note cards and not have to change my AO. For example, I can have a note card “Fashionista” set up for when I’m formally dressed and a note card “PUNK” for when I’m goofing off around the grid. All I have to do is click the load button and it pops up with all the note cards I have in the HUD listed. I just click on the one I want and it loads. So go mix & match your own. And if you know of any good fly/landings let me know where to find them.


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