New Styles from Fetish

March 28, 2007 § 3 Comments

Okay, as you may have figured out I LOVE the brown textures & prims from Fetish Hair. There isn’t an extensive selection like you’d find at ETD or GuRL 6, but what there is very well done. So when Amelia told me that there had been a new release I had to go check it out ASAP.

Dress – PixelDolls – Aire – Jade; Hair on Left – Fetish – Vixen II – Brown; Hair on Right – Fetish – Sexy Curls – Mahogany; Jewerly – RFL Racket Jewelry set; Eyes – Celestial Studios – Deep Ink; Skin- TaP – Rose Medium – Janvier Slate

And the one Amelia bought.

Fetish- Pixie- Golden Blond


§ 3 Responses to New Styles from Fetish

  • goodwillstacy stindberg says:

    I *LOVE* Fetish hair. Glad to see someone else that does too! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m also anxiously waiting for Tete a Pied’s April release!!!!

  • moire g. says:

    I never heard about Fetish hair, but these cute curls and short hair that’s really short are more than enough reason to check them now ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Tanya Book says:

    We love to spread the addiction. Hehehe.

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