April 30 – One Day of Blog Silence

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I will not be posting today, but expect a flood of posts tomorrow.

BTW go read & sign the Open Letter to Linden Labs

Japanese language SL fashion coverage.

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Japanese language SL fashion coverage is now happening. Thanks to Lucas Lameth of Earthtones mentioning that he saw some Japanese language
SL Fashion bloggers posting. Since I only speak English fluently (although I can offer greetings in several languages), I’m going to put the Google translate link through. But I warn you Google translate is not flawless, but you’ll get the point for the most part.

Miriel – Bounded Elegance

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Yes, I’ve been playing with fd’s flickr toys. This jewelry set is something I’ve been meaning to blog about for 2 weeks. I know, I know I covered up the necklace when I put it through the magazine thing, but still you get the point of it. Comes in 4 metals: gold, silver, black & copper. I don’t find copper jewelry often in SL, but I love it. Oh and I forgot to mention the price… L$0.

This skin is the freebie Tete a Pied skin that is only available for those younger than 30 days old.

Skin – Tete a Pied – Rose Newbie skin; Jewelry – Miriel – Bounded Elegance – Copper; Hair – Fetish – Playful – Brown Streaked

We Want Your Jewelry!!!!!

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Jewelry Exposition will be, like Hair Fair, a week-long showcase of designers. Each merchant will have their own stall to sell a small number of their products. Throughout the week, there will also be designer-run events, an ongoing treasure hunt, and a charity auction benefiting the American Red Cross. This year, the expo will have a celestial theme.


Jewelry Exposition will take place from Sunday, September 15 through Sunday, September 22.


We’re not quite sure yet. Someone has offered to donate a sim to us, but this is contingent on Linden Lab being willing to do a wipe and restore on the sim, and we’re still waiting to hear back from them. If that falls through, we’ll rent the sim of Osmium, which is one of Linden Lab’s dedicated rental sims.


So you make jewelry and you want to participate? Great! It’s entirely free and as long as you sell jewelry, you can get a booth. Contact Miriel Enfield and ask to be assigned into the merchant role in the Jewelry Exposition 2007 group. Sign ups will close on Friday, August 17th.

All participating vendors will be invited to donate an item to the charity auction and the treasure hunt. This is entirely voluntary, and you can donate to one, both, or neither. Donated items should have a celestial theme, and it’s best if the auction items are limited edition or one-of-a-kind. Treasure hunt items should be finished by September 1st.

All merchants will also have the opportunity to host jewelry-related events in the event sky box we’ll be setting up. (Events are subject to organizer approval.)

Vendors will be given prim and pixel limits, though we’re waiting to get a rough estimate of how many vendors we’ll have before setting down numbers. Prim limits will restrict not only the number of prims but the type (nothing but cylinders and boxes; no flexible prims; no sculpted prims; no lights; nothing that spins or moves around), and pixel limits will cover the total number of pixels used by all textures. Vendors are also asked to avoid particles, scripts with timers, and scripts with open listens.


For the most updates on the expo, join the group Jewelry Exposition 2007. Though you have to be assigned to the merchant role, anyone can join the everyone role, and anyone can send out invitations for other people to join the everyone role.

You can also look for updates at our website, http://www.sljewelryexposition.com. (Empty for now, but it’ll have content soon.)

We encourage you to talk about Jewelry Exposition to people — designers and shoppers — who might be interested, to post about it on any blog you have, and to otherwise spread the word. The expo won’t get very far without word of mouth.

If you have land and want to put up a sign about Jewelry Exposition, several full perm notecard vending scripts and sign textures have been put together. Just ask Miriel Enfield, or check the notices history in the Jewelry Exposition 2007 group.


Sponsors are welcome! We’d like sponsors in order to cover our advertising budget and — if we have to rent a sim — the sim rental fees. (Any funds we can’t raise will be covered by me, Miriel Enfield, so don’t worry that things will fall apart due to lack of money.)

Sponsors that aren’t participating merchants will have a number of banners (which can dispense items when touched) placed up around the expo. Sponsors that _are_ expo vendors will get their prim and pixel limits increased. There will also be a set number of special sponsor booths, which will have larger prim and pixel limits and more prominent locations. The actual amounts of L$ required for these things will be announced after we determine whether or not we’ll have to rent a sim.


The bidding boxes for the charity auction will be out all week, for people to bid on when it’s convenient for them. The auction will end on the evening of Sunday the 22nd.

The treasure hunt will also last all week, and it won’t be a competition: everyone will be able to get all the prizes, if they can find them. People will be given an initial clue, which will lead them to a prize and another clue, which will lead them to a prize and another clue, and so on.

A special sky box will be made to host designer-run events, such as meet and greets and classes. Expo vendors will be able to sign up for a time slot to host their event(s). We’re looking at having contingency events in place in case no merchants sign up.


Contact Miriel Enfield.


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Miriel passed out a new package to her model groupa few days ago. I’m enjoying sitting there in the store and watching everyone who comes through. Right after a release announcement it’s entertaining to sit back and watch the store get mobbed. I’ve got several pieces to photo and blog about. But I’ve been lazy. 🙂

Jewelry – Miriel – Bauble set; Dress – Miriel – Little Retro Dress – Chocolate; Skin – Tete a Pied – Naturalle Minimal Rose; Shoes – Shiny Things – Fringe Sandals – black w/ opal

29 April Fashion Report

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29 April Fashion Report

[grouper=mtg/mtgPlayer.swf?gvars=ap~0_mu~0_rf~1675743_vfver~8_extid~-1_extsite~-1_ml~o%3d0%26fi%3d%26fu%3d2159825;400;325]A short little fashion report by Tanya Book. Let me know if you like this kinda of report and I may do a few more.

Speaking of freebies

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Speaking of freebies, Tanya told me about this one. The JuJu skirt from Bossa Nova was released exclusively to the update group in grey. It’s my favorite color of the release. Reminds me of wool.

We were just talking about how we hadn’t heard from Nyte in a while and the next day she releases 3 new outfits including this suit. Love the pants. There just aren’t enough pinstripes in SL. Just tell me. Is the bowler too ’80s?

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