McDunnough’s Trade Show

April 13, 2007 § Leave a comment

Edited to add the vendor’s list.

Did you enjoy Hair Fair? Other than the grid problems, I loved it!!! There’s going to be a Skin & Tattoo show April 13, 14, & 15 at McDunnough’s Speakeasy, Samoa (152, 51, 52). I know Ayesha from Skin Within is going to have a booth there.

Here’s the list of schedule partipants.

  1. The Body Politik/ Skin Deep- Polly Pavlova
  2. Purrty Tats- Mabb Dilweg
  3. Alady Bodies- IshtarAngel Micheline
  4. Skin Within- Ayesha Bisiani
  5. Knucklehead’s Tattoos and More!- Michelle Dzieciol
  6. Primal Art Tattoos- Rhiannon Boronski
  7. Arianna Designs- Arianna Voltaire
  8. Arianna Voltaire
  9. Dunja Hian
  10. Patt’attoos Creation- Pat Asp
  11. Ink Slingers Warehouse- Kalley Koala
  12. -Geometrica Design Requiem Mall- Francis Kline
  13. Skin Flicks- Mavis McGettiga
  14. Naughty Island- Alanna Dupont

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