I was intrigued this weekend.

April 22, 2007 § 1 Comment

I was intrigued this weekend by 4 items finding their way in my inventory from an Avatar I didn’t know. No IM, no notecard, just 4 photos from Wilhelmena Whitfield. So I looked up her profile to check her out. Anyway in her Picks is a link to a shop in Mischief Cove that is still under construction. And the ads say 2007, but is it the hair or the purse? I was intrigued. So does anyone have any more information? (And for future reference, my email address is on the About page if anyone needs to send me promo pics. They come out better if you email me a jpg file. And I love Details!!!)


§ One Response to I was intrigued this weekend.

  • smiletenshi says:

    Hm, I got these also. It appears they were trying to get a bit of the word out there.

    From what little I’ve seen, snooping around in their shop and such (you can jump over the barrier out front to get in, yay) seems to me that they’re into building their own stuff. Everything is (c) Wilhelmena Whitfield… so it may be the bag AND the hair. Personally, I’m extremely giddy. I hadn’t had any time to blog it though.

    I received a few other pictures besides the four you got. Although the man appears to be wearing a Nylon skin, the female seems to be wearing something I haven’t seen yet.

    Case in point:

    I love a good mystery. I’ll be keeping on top of this. Loving the Sanjaya hair and the man’s bag – OMFGGGGGG the bag!

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