Skin Within – Kiara

April 27, 2007 § Leave a comment

Ayesha’s goal with the Kiara skin was to be more photorealistic than she has ever been and yet still be a modifiable skin. It’s a paler skin this time, which I love (hey, I’m a pale white girl), but those of you who like more of a tan can crank the slider on up. The hands seem to have 1 little shading smudge I noticed, but it’s not very prominent. This chin features a cleft which is less pronounced than earlier versions of the skin. I like the shading on the inguinal area which looks better than any other skin I’ve seen in Second Life. What is the inguinal area you ask? Not safe for work medical illustration. I know who looks at that, but as a critical care nurse I frequently have patients who have medical lines inserted into their femoral artery and I have to check these lines every 2 hours. So I see lots of inguinal areas on lots of different people (but not cause I really want to) which leads to me looking there on my avatar. And lack of shading in this area really makes skins look more cartoonish. This is nice and subtle. (Linden Labs if you’re listening the needs to be a way to make a crease in the shape at the inguinal area.) The abdominal shading is also very nice. Kiara’s not a gym rat, but still very fit. The eyes I’m wearing here also come with the skin purchase as well as a shape. L$1200 for a single makeup with 2 versions of pubic hair, shape & eyes; the multipack gives you a huge discount (but I don’t remember the price off the top of my head).

Jewelry – Miriel – Bauble set; Hair – ETD – Roslin – Chocolate; Skin & Eyes – Skin Within – Kiara – Valencia; Shoes – Shiny Things – Fringe Sandals – black w/ opal; Underwear – Charlotte Hausdorff – Camouflage – Lucky Chair


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