To be honest, I love stats.

April 27, 2007 § Leave a comment

To be honest, I love stats. I’m an information junkie. I play around with excel spreadsheets for fun (hey I’m a nurse, I don’t have to know excel).

Some time back I got the SLStats watch made by Mark Barret from SL Buzz for free. I quit wearing it for a while. Anyway a few weeks back I discovered it in an inventory dig and went searching for an updated version. Sure enough v. 2.5 is out and the watch prim is full permissions. You can pull out the script and place in in any modifiable prim. Yes, even hair or shoes or your nose ring. Because to be honest, the watch isn’t the most fashionable thing in second life. One thing I love about SL Buzz is you can be logged out of SL (like if for some dreadful reason you’re on a public terminal) and IM someone from their profile. REAL SL IM not some private message you have to go to the website to read. They also have a rating system built in that you can use (now that LL’s ratings have fell by the wayside) where you can rate avatar Love/Like. Also a LiveBlog feature is available as well. You can find the watch at Dirty (162, 116, 26) for L$0 or you can IM me and I’ll drop a copy in your inventory and you can drop it on all your friends in turn.

SL Gadget comes from SL Profiles an offers a little more functionality, but less statistical info than the SL Stats watch does. It’s an invisible prim so you don’t see anything different about your avatar as long as you use an attach point that’s not already in use.

  • Records SL Usage Stats
  • Receive Private Messages and Pages from your profile at
  • Scan avatars in your area + detect who is in chat range
  • Send Mini-Blogs to and
  • Teleport Favorites
  • Orbit Avatars (Send avatars into orbit, please seek permission first before doing this)
  • Camping – No logoff due to inactivity (although I used it when live modeling and got logged off for inactivity. grr. guess I’m back to using my old Orb of Anti – idle.)
  • Flight Mode – Fly Faster and Higher
  • Snow – make it snow

Get it from Alcona (90, 55, 106). This is a no copy, no modify, no transfer item sadly so I can’t give it away to my friends.

With rating gone some Third Party applications are stepping in. Such as Rate Point. I had heard a little about this, but while I was sitting in Miriel’s store this morning I got rated using RatePoint by an avatar I’ve never met before. So I went and picked up the HUD. Granted I’m only going to be wearing the Privacy HUD cause I just don’t want a box hanging over my head at all times. Get it at RatePoint Island, RatePoint Island (79, 148, 25).

So what do you think about these programs? There have been complaints in the past about collecting info on avatars within chat range without their consent. This is a metaverse folks, it’s not collecting your RL name, just your Avie’s name and rez date and the amount of time I spend near them. All except the time near them is available in the People search. But with the ratings system kaput does it really matter now? Amelia states that she doesn’t want to know how much time she’s spending on SL. I like to look up who was that avie I spent 20 minutes randomly chatting with. Also they don’t work on land where scripts aren’t allowed 😦 (along with the SLoog landmarking service).

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