The things you find….

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The things you find when you look around. I was looking through the Jewelry Exposition Treasure Hunt page and I noticed that Miriel had a photo posted here of the item she was donating to the Treasure Hunt at the Jewelry Expo. I showed it to Amelia and her response was “I want now.” 🙂 But we will definitely be there at the expo. No sneak peeks of auction items at the moment.

And with the directory I’ve started making photos and adding a snapzilla tag for directory kiosks I’ve spotted in world. Visit them all. Photos of Kiosks Spotted in SL Or find out how to get your own. Please please put one up in world.

I counted up how many have been dispensed.

  • The Raft – 8 dispensed
  • She’s So Unusual… – 22 dispensed
  • Skin Within – 22 dispensed
  • Tuli – 12 dispensed

New Layniewear

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I put on the first Layniewear outfit and squeed! I’m infamous IRL for my love of sweetheart necklines and these are beautiful.

I like Elaine’s flower print and the band at the bottom tying the skirt to the top.

Elise also has the band on the top. All three dresses come with both prim and system skirts.

I’m also wearing the Charmed: Initially Yours Talisman. It comes copy/mod in a full A-Z set.

The Spinning Earth orb ring from ~Aries Celestial Designs~ is nicely detailed and for once a script is appropriate. I can sit and stare at it.

TaP Blue Office Fling Slingbacks. Tete a Pied, shoes. What else is there to say?

Of course I love purple but I also love the design on the bottom of the Vanessa skirt.

I’m wearing the EJM: Gold Amethyst Swing Drop Set with it. Elexor does very delicate work. I love the unusual shape and the balance.

TaP Purple Satin Slingbacks. Another *must have* Great prim work, fabulous textures. About what you would expect. 😉

Last is Piratewear. I added the Teagan Long Brocade Grey corset. The pants can also work as underwear or swimwear. The lace on the skirt adds a nice touch. All I need is a sword and a whip :->

I’m also wearing the Charmed: Chaos Beads earrings and bracelet, and logo necklace from the Unbirthday folder. I love the funky Chaos beads. I was going to go get a necklace I saw on someone else when I found out it was on the underwear layer. *pout*

caLLie c. cLine

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caLLiefornia will be open Sunday! Mark your calendars! A little more on her blog, so go read!
caLLie c. cLine

yay! we will be opening, no matter what, next sunday!!! it’s been a long time, we’re not as ready as we’d like to be, but we will be opening “caLLiefornia” and “dulce dal mare” (kiana’s sim)… SL has not been kind, we’ve had parts of our buildings just “vanish” and more troubles than i care to bother you all with.

but it’s time to open… not sure what all will be finished (depends on the SL mood) but there should be some new stuff, the home store, tomboy, maLiboo cove, mainLine, and a few other things on caLLiefornia… Kiana has her own suprises.

we’re gonna have our opening on Sunday, we’ll have give aways, free gifts for all, music, and dancing.


New Refuge

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Refuge is one of those stores that has stuff to appeal to wide variety of fashion styles. Below is Parsol in blue, the polka dot version.

Parsol comes with 2 versions of the shirt, polka dot and plain. I’ve paired it with the white Luminosity skirt and Pixel Mode Puntada slings in navy along with the new ETD black and white Casual Pochette. Polka dots are usually too cutesy for me but I actually like the ones on Parsol. I get compliments every time I wear the ETD purses.

I’m also wearing the Escape Bobby hair in copper. The prim work is nicely done, though there is the alpha issue with the bangs that has been mentioned recently. I’m wearing the red because the highlight is too extreme on the blond. It is a cute red though.

You can see the shading better on the regular version of Parsol.

I saw the ad for Amplify and knew I had to have it. The wrap shading is nicely done and the ruffle is cute but it also looks good without it. I’m holding Casual Purse.

Vindi Vindaloo dropped a box of items…

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Vindi Vindaloo dropped a box of items on me. These are very Haute Couture items and I enjoyed trying them on. From left to right are Amanda – Black & White, Amanda – red, Cathedral Gown, Duci – Blanc et Noir, Duci – Poupe et Noir, Duci – Wedding Gown, French Maid, Silk & Linen – Ladies Business Suit, Silk & Linen – Plisse & Ample, and Silk Flower. My favorite out of the bunch was Amanda. I did wear the Silk Flower dress to Insolence’s skin sale and got complements on it.

Skin – Lovey’s Boutique – chai – Bubblegum; Hair – ETD – Daisy – Chestnut


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Last Call is having a Sale. This is your last chance for several of these items.


Over 70 outfits will be marked to 100L. The ENTIRE Deviant Nation makeup line of VOGUE skins will be discounted to 500L. WOW! The sale will last Wednesday May 30th to Wednesday June 6th. After the sale is over, the items will be pulled out of rotation – meaning the sale items will no LONGER be available – even at full price – after the sale is over. It’s all to make room for a NEW line of Deviant Nation makeups (that’s right SIXTEEN NEW MAKEUPS) – and a NEW release of clothing


GuRL 6: Teet for Tat — GuRL 6 Needs your Visions…

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Gurl 6 is holding a competition….Sort of. Read the blog link for the details and more info.

GuRL 6: Teet for Tat — GuRL 6 Needs your Visions…

What I would need from you : A folder with named “Inspiration – Your name/brand (if applicable)” Inside please include a picture of the outfit and Landmark for where to buy or if you are the one that designed it and are feeling generous you can include the outfit too ( wink wink nudge nudge lol ) and a notecard .. on the notecard I’d like you to write a vision you have for the hair that would go with the outfit, it can be vague or very specific and the name you would like for the hair. If your vision matches up with mine I will create the style you thought up!
In turn: I will wear the outfit in the hair ad, name it after either your first name or last name or if you are the designer of the outfit; your brand name, or the name of the outfit if you wish — you can also suggest a totally different name for it on your notecard as well) I will also send you an everything pack of the completed hair right after its finished and before it hits the shelves.


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