I just sent SL Designers scampering to thier Image editing software :)

May 1, 2007 § Leave a comment

hehehe. I think I just sent tons of SL designers scampering into Photoshop & Paint Shop Pro. To make ads.


The secret. A SL Fashion Shopping Directory book. You can attach it to your HUD and just flip through it. If I missed you in the notecard pass out. I’m sorry! I gave out around 300. If I did then just follow the following guidelines and I’ll toss yours in with the rest of them.


I was originally offering a 2 page ad in the front 13 pages for paid ad to offset the cost of setup. Those are all taken and there’s a waiting list! I’ve had the random though if I do another one I may have bidding for those pages with a portion of the profits going to charity or some such thing.


So for the rest of you designers. The rest are free!!! (or at least just for the price of an upload)


1. 1×1 ratio texture (512×512 pixels are a good size)

2. Full permissions for the texture. I have to be able to copy, mod & transfer your image for the printing press to work. If your image isn’t full permissions, it will be deleted from my inventory without notification.

3. The image you send me will be the only thing in the book about your shop. Communicate what you’re about in your ad & where you’re located.

4. You will be placed into the section which matches your products the best (i.e., Skin, Clothing – Womens, Clothing – Mens, Accessories (other than Jewelry), Jewelry, Home, Hair, Etc…………. You may submit up to 3 images target for different categories. If I go over 1000 I will have to cut some but not before then.


Drop the image & a landmark on me by May 10th.



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