May 2, 2007 § 3 Comments

Wow. Nephilaine Protagonist of Pixeldolls has opened a new shop called Avatar selling full avs for $250L: outfit, accessories, body shape, hair, skin, eyes, and AO included. These are human avatars meant to jump-start new players wanting to customize their av. All pieces are copy/mod, including the AO.

Deadly reminds me of a Neverwinter Nights character I had :-). The hair is Launa Fauna, The clothes have a lot in common with stuff Neph’s sold in her store. The AO is a nice, simple starter. The only complaint I have is the shoes which are completely system. The textures are great, of course, but they look like a couple of bricks stuffed in socks. If I was going to wear her often, I would probably add L&E’s Traveler’s boots. And that pair of sais I saw at SL Boutique. 😉

Still, it is a great deal.


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