Renaissance Dresses

May 2, 2007 § Leave a comment

I’ve needed some renaissance/Tudor gowns for my other life in sl. The first two come from Stone Keep: the Wench dress in black and Spellbound in green.

Haven’t we all wanted to be wenches? You get to flirt with all the (cute) guys and get called saucy instead of bitch. I love the full skirts on these and the detailing on the bodices and the prim sleeves. The cross is from Earthtones.

Next we have the tan work dress and a combo of Belle’s Black Bodice and Chemise and Blue skirt. Who wears iridescent work dresses? Elves. Suki’s Silks seems to specialize in elven wear, or at least the store I visited did. But there are a few human style gems to be found too. I paired it with an amber necklace from Cailyn (love her amber texture and it’s sooo period). Belle’s Chemise is a perfectly period piece. Chemises were everything from nightgowns to all-in-one underdresses. The bodice is on the jacket layer. The blue skirt is a separate purchase, one of several versions available. You can see I have a hard time getting it to fit properly, because of my strange (for SL) shape.

Last is Bess in Slate Blue by Drusilla’s Delight. This is the first outfit in a long time I didn’t look twice at the price. I’m stingy and I’m picky but I fell in love with this at first sight. I just had to figure out which color to get.


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