Platinum Island skins. I found this p…

May 3, 2007 § 4 Comments

Note: The “old skins” are actually the Passport skins which are available for FREE elsewhere (I only have 1 passport skin in my inventory so I defer to those who have more familiarity with them). As this review was over the demos of thier new skins I’m leaving it up. If you know where the skins are available for free please post in the comments!

Platinum Island skins. I found this place through the SL events. They said they were selling their old skins for L$10 so I went to take a look around. There were lots of people on the island thanks to a Sploder around back in the Cafe area. Anyway I picked up a few demos of their new skins at L$2 per demo (skin is L$999). The Kitty seems awfully forward on the body (more along where the pubic hair should be). But if that’s not that much of a consideration for you cause it’s under clothing then go ahead. I liked the back, and upper body shading and she had some pretty faces. I’m a fan of brown eyeshadows which are currently not en vogue.


Didn’t like this one’s lips however.



§ 4 Responses to Platinum Island skins. I found this p…

  • my 2 cents says:

    looks like you been kissing & got ur lips stick all smeared =P

  • Ryntha says:

    Those skins are pretty on some avatars. 🙂 My only nitpick is that they are selling “freebie” or skins that were leaked out as full perms as their old skins for 10 linden.

  • Mirah Vieria says:

    I have to agree with Ryntha. What they are calling the “old skins” are actually freebie skins. For instance, what they are calling the Becky Newbie Skin is almost certainly the Celestial Studios Passport skin in Malibu/Brown (Understated) which is available all over the place for free. To me, this is certainly a shady business practice and I would be wary of their other products.

  • Tanya Book says:

    To be honest I ran out of time and had to leave before working back to the freebie skins so I didn’t see them only the ad for them and did not know if they were freebie skins or not.

    Good to know this when they only got my 4 lindens for the demos!!!!!!!

    I had already decided not to purchase from them.

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