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May 7, 2007 § 8 Comments

I’ve had several new designers asking about how to get their stuff reviewed on blogs and who’s behind which blogs. So I’ve assembled a list in a Google Doc from what I’ve gathered. I know it’s not complete. Ideally, I’d like for a person from each blog to help me keep it up to date. Just email me at NurseTanyaBook@gmail.com and let me know what email address to add as a collaborator. That way you can keep your contributors list up to date. You can also order your contributors in the order you want them.

This is a thought that I came up with to give designers a centralized list to refer to when sending out review copies and a Google Doc was the easiest way I could think of that multiple people could edit at the same time without painstakingly setting up new accounts.


§ 8 Responses to Who are the people of the Fashio

  • Hethr says:

    Hi Tanya,

    I just wanted to make one small correction. Closet Crisis doesn’t actually “review” so we don’t generally accept review copies. We are always happy to hear about new products and designers and recieve landmarks and or pictures though. Great idea on the list, I am sure it’s hard to keep them all straight.

  • Yvette Quijote says:


    I don’t know if they “review”, but my favorite fashion blog is Paratge, by Dpende Control and Maat Baphomet. I am constantly amazed at what they put together.


    It’s in Spanish, but it has one of those handy dandy page translators that does a pretty good job. Just wanted to draw your attention to them 🙂

  • Azar says:

    To my knowledge Paratge doesn’t review but, besides closet crisis one fo the best blogs out there that make me actually want to go buy stuff. The outfits are well put together and the photos are excellent. I don’t understand why many haven’t heard of it

  • Heya Tanya,

    I no longer review for Appearance Mode. I’m over at http://slmeangirls.blogspot.com/ now. 😀

    *huggles & kissiepops*


  • antonia says:

    Willow Caldera and myself, Antonia Marat, also write for Style Disorder. 🙂

  • Erm, I don’t understand the “independents” category. Is there some sort of blog group that we’re not affiliated with to classify us as actual shopping/fashion blogs, as opposed to the other blogs out there? Am I missing a membership card from somewhere? 😀

  • Tanya Book says:

    I’ve added lots of people with editing/writing privileges to this document.

    I used “Independents” to classifiy single person run publications.

    Non-English I grouped together as I cannot read them and am relying on information provided by other readers.

  • Hethr says:

    Thanks Tanya! I know this must have turned into a much bigger job than you anticipated but it will really be a help to new designers.


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