May 22, 2007 § Leave a comment

Tenshi sent me this from Shopping Cart Disco:


*This is NOT an event. This is “pass Tenshi a notecard and call it good” Yes, you do have time for this. Takes five minutes!
*You can do up to two celebs.

We all know and love our real-life celebrities. They have fantastic lives, albeit rough at times, but some of us still like following them all the way.

I blame Barnesworth for turning me on to DListed for a small chuckle now and then.

In light of that, wouldn’t it be fun to hold a contest where designers dress up as their fave celeb and the shoppers have to guess which celeb/designer (both!) it is?

We can have different ranks: First place(95% correct +), Second Place(85-95% correct), Third Place(75-85% correct).

If you participate, PLEASE consider donating a prize – a gift certificate, a transferable outfit or accessory – or even a few Lindens for the winner!

Let’s have some fun, shall we?

Drop me a notecard (Title it “CELEBRITY DRESS UP: Designer/Celeb names”) in-world with a full perm photo of yourself dressed up and make sure you tell me (if you are!) what prizes you will be donating. I’ll contact you and collect on those prizes to put in a box for the winners after I get the contest posted.

Example Photo:

Tenshi Vielle / Victoria Beckham

Looking forward to hearing from you gals (and guys!)

So go dress up as your favorite celebrity and have fun!……Hummm… gotta find mine.


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