The idea AO/animator

May 28, 2007 § 6 Comments

I currently use 2-3 things currently for animating my avatar. A mirada.smartHUD and a ZHAO and a Rezr cell phone with typing animation override. I really would like a product that combined all these things and is customizable.

  1. Something I can throw in all my poses I purchased and maybe list them as stands/sits/walks on a notecard and rotate through my 50+ stands without me having to only use 5 at a time.
  2. Plus use custom flying animations.
  3. Something that would pick up “thank you” or “ty” as I type in chat and trigger the emotion gesture or animation and if I wanted to use a different animation and/or chat triggers customize that.
  4. I like the Huddles idea of having the dances built in and being able to share with people near you, but I haven’t worked with Huddles and more than likely wouldn’t use this feature enough to purchase it.
  5. Something that I can freeze in a stand/gesture/animation for use in taking modeling photos instead of using a poseball and scroll through the poses.
  6. Something that I can tell which animation/pose I’m on if I want to ask for it for photo credits. Not seen if I don’t want to know.
  7. No chat spam stuff such as “/ao off” commands
  8. Also able to include typing overrides.
  9. Possibly put in items that include ao’s such as purses, Rezr cell phone typing override, or my MacBook typing override and select them to wear through this item.
  10. Reasonably priced. I use the Zhao because it was either free or a dollarbie. The mirada.smartHUD was L$100. Okay, I like cheaply priced over reasonably priced.

Am I asking for enough? What other features would you like to see in your idea AO?


§ 6 Responses to The idea AO/animator

  • imzadi says:

    i like all the ideas you have, i use a Huddles for my every day AO. its a very powerful little gadget and absolutely worth the L$ , i didnt think i would use it so it took me a long time to break down and buy it. i havent used all of the features yet. the plus ofit, its copiable. if you have just modeling poses or whatever , you can create seperate sysems for each. its very user friendly i think.

  • London Spengler says:

    I suggest you the Pandora Hud, mainly because I designed it πŸ™‚ (I will send you one when I can log, so you can test it).

    It’s main function is to keep animation permission from other avatars, so you can hug and kiss without needing to ask again but… (starting shameless publicity stunt)…

    1- The configurable menu/submenu system let’s you load up to 144 animations, even if I doubt SL can manage that lot inside a single script. You can play them over yourself, over others or synched with up to 12 avies.

    2- Custom flying animation. I suggest you to use a Franimator instead of a ZAO, since you can put the script and the anims in any attachment and avoid a hud monting point, or even inside a hud you have already equiped.

    3- Pick “thank you” and so as you type. I doubt anybody will add that one to a hud, since you can configurate SL to do find/reemplace typed text for gestures (I now it is on the main menu, maybe on Edit-Gestures?).

    4- Pandora can share your animations with up to 12 avatars, including dances.

    5- Freeze an animation halfway… unless I am wrong, it cannot be done until LL adds a new control command for it.

    6- That’s a good one, but too specialized, and I don’t think it can be done, too.

    7- *smiles* I hate chatty items too πŸ™‚ The only time somebody hears anything from Pandora is when they are asked permission, and it only happens once for avatar.

    8- Typing overrides… back to the third point and the LL gestures configuration.

    9- Very very interesting…; I never studied the ability of a script to attach something to you, but I promise to think about it and if the idea is good, thieve it (giving you full credit for it, of course).

    10- Reasonable priced; I am partial and cannot say you if it is reasonable, but The Pandora Hud is 395L$ and comes with a lot of predefinied animations (most of them freebies). You can also get the Pandora Poser (portable photo studio, aka strange poseball) for 50L$ with 48 freebie animations.

  • smiletenshi says:

    I need something that’s easy to use, fairly cheap (I will pay up to $500L for a basic and $1000L for a complex) and that’s SMART – picks up on what I type in chat, like my AutoEmote HUD, which utilizes certain words or smilies I use in chat to change my avatar’s facial expression. I LOVE that, and it makes me more personal to people.

    At the moment I lack an AO. If someone had a nice, easy to use SMART override with great animations, I’d buy it in a heartbeat.

  • Tanya Book says:

    On #3 – Actually the gestures/chat triggers have already been done. mirada.smartHUD and Auto Emoter

    On #5 – I really want something like my modeling pose ball. I can click next and go to the next pose, etc until I see a pose I like. And I want to be able to see the name so I can credit it when I take photos.

    I’m really wanting something that will serve me as an animation override, auto emoter, & a modeling pose scroll-er all in one. The share dances, hugs, kisses will only be rarely used if at all.

  • Damien Fate says:

    Hi there!

    I am currently working on version 3.0 of the smartHUD, which will provide a lot more of the features you’re talking about there.

    Initially I didn’t add an AO to the smartHUD cause there are already free ones out there, so I strived to add something new to the HUD attachment points, but as I develop the smartHUD further (which started as a task for me just to learn how to script) I realise that adding AO would be a good idea.

    Version 3.0 also has sticky facial animations πŸ™‚ and since you have it already your upgrade will be free, expect to see something coming your way soon!

  • Alyse Perenti says:

    Hi Tanya – This is a very well thought out wish list. I want one of these too! πŸ˜€

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