The things you find….

May 31, 2007 § Leave a comment

The things you find when you look around. I was looking through the Jewelry Exposition Treasure Hunt page and I noticed that Miriel had a photo posted here of the item she was donating to the Treasure Hunt at the Jewelry Expo. I showed it to Amelia and her response was “I want now.” 🙂 But we will definitely be there at the expo. No sneak peeks of auction items at the moment.

And with the directory I’ve started making photos and adding a snapzilla tag for directory kiosks I’ve spotted in world. Visit them all. Photos of Kiosks Spotted in SL Or find out how to get your own. Please please put one up in world.

I counted up how many have been dispensed.

  • The Raft – 8 dispensed
  • She’s So Unusual… – 22 dispensed
  • Skin Within – 22 dispensed
  • Tuli – 12 dispensed


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