Another Simone! SuperModel Event

June 3, 2007 § Leave a comment

As there are several teams putting on these events there are several Simone! SuperModel Events happening. If your team wants to be on the SL Fashion Notes Google Calendar just create an event with the details filled in and invite me in the Google Calendar event page using my email

Super model event to feature major SL designers

The SL public is cordially invited to dance and frolic with fashion designers and Super Models at the Nightlife at the Simone!, a glamorous 1940s era venue that brings dance club atmosphere and fashion together!

The Intelligent Beauties, a Simone! Designs Super Model team, will host the event, on Tuesday, June 5th from 4 to 6 pm at the Simone! Nightlife Club on the Simone sim, 190, 175, 36.

The event will feature the sights and sounds of 1940s with dancing to big band era music, a runway fashion show, prizes, gifts and more. The fashions presented will be clothing by Simone! Designs and Silent Sparrow and hair by Calico Kitten.

The Intelligent Beauties are: team leader Calamity Hathaway, Talena Bailly, Symphony Laval, Smokie Signals and Autumn Thatch. Come dance and mingle with the fashion set! For more information or TP, please check visit our blog at or IM any of the team members.



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