Pixel Dolls LE- I’m ok with being pre…

June 9, 2007 § Leave a comment

Ok, I’m not alway happy about being predictable. But it’s so pretty! This is Arabesque, which is my new favorite “I don’t go to parties often but I have to have it anyway” gown. Love the background design as well as the embroidery on the bodice and skirt. See the inset for a closeup of the gorgeous Christobel set by Cailyn.

The lacing on the back and arms is incredible. Prims come with lace attached for the wrists.

Miselle can be worn as a gown or jacket and skirt. Sculpty prim sleeves have lace at the bottom. I wish I’d had this for the gypsy contest 🙂

I’m wearing the new Soda skin line. I like the face and the lips. I love the upper cleavage shading.

I’m also wearing the red Tendenza Floreale Bracelet from the new Ame True line of builder Amelia Abernathy. The prim work and textures are as incredible as you’d expect from her. And the color combinations are interesting.


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