She’s So Unusual Shoes

June 12, 2007 § 2 Comments

Rowan Carroll dropped a box on me of several of her newly released shoes.  She does funky, unusual shoes. My favorites out of these are the Scenic Platforms. From left to right are the Snowy, Skyline, & Beach scenes. The texture does seem to warp just a bit under the arch of the foot and occasionally the heel prim and the wedge prim don’t line up exactly, but it is very impressive and much better than I could have thought of doing. It does very little to the overall effect of the shoe.

Next in the review package were the Laced Up Shoes (shown in white), Sculpty Bow shoes (shown in black), & the Paisley Mule (shown in blue & yellow). The Laced Up shoes are very well textured with the shadows fitting the curvature of the shoe. The Sculpty Bow shoes also have a bow on the back of the leg. I couldn’t capture both bows well in the same photo. The Paisley Mules made me think of the Retro 70’s party that Vitamin Ci had. These shoes would have been perfect for it.

I’m experimenting with a disclosure table. This may change. Or it may go back to a “XXX dropped this on me” statement in the text depending on how lazy I am. Let me know if you like it. To paraphrase The Clash, Should it Stay or Should it Go?

Review Copy Yes
Friend or Update Group No
Price Sculpty Bow Heels L$50; Paisley Mule L$95; Scenic Platforms L$125; Laced Up L$150
Permissions No Mod/No Copy
Location & Blog She’s So Unusual Shoes; Rowan Carroll blog
Photo Credits Skin – Celestial Studios – Vogue/Deviant Nation – Champagne – Vamp/Enchant



§ 2 Responses to She’s So Unusual Shoes

  • smiletenshi says:

    All that other stuff in the block really isn’t necessary, and can be included within the post for less… monotony, I suppose. Anywho, I got the same pack, and I took a shine to those particular platforms m’self! Rowan, if you’re reading this : I haven’t forgotten about you, but I’ve been ill and not up to writing much :\

  • Tanya Book says:

    I’ll admit it’s kinda monotonous, but to be honest when going through my feeds, I don’t always read all the text. Especially on verbose entries. I like having a table or a line with it cut and dried.

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