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June 12, 2007 § Leave a comment

Slightly less than 2 months left before the deadline for the second issue of the Shopping Directory. To pay for the kiosk system & because of popular request, I’ve increased the number of paid 2 page ads to 25 with another given a free 2 page ad by popular vote (vote for you favorite ad in the comments here). Only 8 have been reserved at the present time. And many thanks to everyone who put out a Shopping Directory Kiosk. I’m featuring these locations and the # of Directories given out. Click on any of the thumbnails to go to Snapzilla to see the larger photo (which also has a TP to the spot I sent the photo from).

  1. Skin Within -80
  2. She’s So Unusual Shoes -45
  3. Tuli -44
  4. CKS Designs -10
  5. Earthtones – 6
  6. Miriel -4 (and she only put hers up this morning)
  7. Mad About… – 3

Where can you get one of these lovely kiosks? You can IM me and I’ll drop one (or them all) to you. Or if you’re impatient they are available for free on SLB. Just let me know when you get them put up so I can take a photo.

Let’s see…. Skin Within has the Persian kiosk. She’s So Unusual Shoes, CKS Designs, Earthtones & Mad About… have the Pop kiosk. Tuli & Miriel have designed their own holders around a Simple kiosk.


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