Казаки (Cossack)

June 15, 2007 § 3 Comments

How does the woman know I love Russian stuff? I had spotted the outfit on the right in the official SL forums and had clipped it in my Fashion Notebook for later reference. But when I logged in it was in my inventory. 😀 If I hadn’t been awake for over 20 hours I’d have gotten to this right away. And I put off blogging it cause several had done it immediately. On the left is the Black Russian Sable Cloak. Very nice. Just what you need for those snowy winter balls. Chic Cossack (on the right) brings back the feel of horsemen riding through the steppes and the Caucasian foothills. This is a visor cap which was worn during military uniform enforcement instead of the traditional papakhi and the coloration makes it probable that this is designed from the Kuban Cossack host. Can you tell I like historical costume research? Anyway it has optional shoulder epaulets. And it works just as well without the flexiprim skirt. It is an 11 piece set, includes left and right optional epaulets, a jacket that can be worn without the prim base, the officers hat as well as pant and shirt uniform.

Snapshot_004 copy
Photo credits: Boots – Shiny Things – Old Boots – Black: Skin – Celestial Studios – Deviant Nation Champagne – Vamp/Seduce; Hair – ETD – Daisy – Chestnut; Dress – Last Call – Reina – Champagne

Review Copy: Yes
Friends list or Update Group: No
Price: Chic Cossack L$250; Black Russian Sable Cloak L$150
Permissions: No Copy
Location: Ookami Ningen


§ 3 Responses to Казаки (Cossack)

  • Casandra Shilova says:

    I would want to make the sable collar a fair amount smaller, but I’m afraid the cape panels would show at the top. So I happily picked up a cape with a more realistic drape to the hood than I have seen before.

    What a wonderful shop – lanterns, fans and other goodies. Several must haves and a place to revisit.

    Thank you.

  • Tanya Book says:

    The cape is 1 piece so it wouldn’t be possible to resize the collar.

  • Casandra Shilova says:


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