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June 15, 2007 § 8 Comments

I know several of our readers read via Fashion Planet. Someone had once complained to me that we had too many large images. On Style Disorder, they do Thumbnails with pop up larger pictures and if the image is too large I cannot see the bottom on my computer and it will not let me re size it. I don’t want to do that option either. We do large images + the zoomed in sections to show details that we want to point out. I myself have been trying to keep it to 500 pix max width or 600 pix max height, but it doesn’t always allow me to show the detail I want. Lately, I have experimented with making them larger and using HTML to make it just large enough to fit in the max pixel limit I try to keep to and linking to the original image. But I’ve discovered Fashion Planet is not displaying this shrinkage. So I come up with a short survey to know what the readers like so please just answer in the comments.

  1. Do you prefer….
    1. more posts per day, each covering one basic item each
    2. fewer posts per day, covering several items in each post
  2. Do you prefer….
    1. thumbnails that you have to click through
      Snapshot_011 copy
    2. larger images within reason so you can just keep reading
  3. Would you be interested in occasional articles by “freelance” writers?
  4. Should we try for a regular posting schedule?
  5. Any comments/feedback.

§ 8 Responses to Reader Survey

  • Ana Lutetia says:

    The ideal size for the pics is width=”400″. Your pics are somethimes to large… I am not a thumbnail fan. I prefer to see the whole pic at once. But that is only my opinion.

    I see your posts at Fashion Planet and then came here.

  • me says:

    All your pics seem to have square, jagged edges to them and are often pixelated and unclear looking, maybe something to do with the way you zoom? particularly the hair seems to have square sides often

  • Flanner March says:

    I’ve noticed the pixelated look too. Are you taking the pictures at the highest resolution possible? That seems to help. I agree with Ana – I prefer larger pictures over thumbnails, as I rarely click on them and then would miss too much.

  • Phedora says:

    1) Either way, I come via Fashion Planet, so as long as there’s not a “read more” type link, big or small posts are fine. The “[more]” links don’t always get clicked, so I sometimes miss stuff at the ends of posts.
    2) I agree with Ana, 400px by 400px tends to be the best size – if it can get bigger from there too, great.
    3) Freelance writer articles are fine by me… I guess they are just going to be like normal blog posts or would they be something specific like, I dunno, articles on shoes in SL in general or something?
    4) Again, I come via Fashion Planet, so either way, no biggie. If I didn’t come through there I’d come through RSS, so I’d see the posts whenever regardless.
    5) No comment.

  • Casandra Shilova says:

    I prefer one – three items per post with a decently sized (not a thumbnail or huge) picture. A click through for even greater detail can be nice.

    Fashion Planet is how I found your blog.

  • Tanya Book says:

    With the last update, I had to completly uninstall and reinstall SL. I forgot to reset all my photo settings before I started taking photos. I didn’t discover this until after I got the images into photoshop. I was pressed for time and just made do at that time. I think I’ve fixed mine (maybe) for the next batch I do.

    Plus Macintosh doesn’t seem to have an antialiasing setting for an iBook’s graphic card.

  • Rose Farina says:

    I prefer…

    1. fewer posts per day
    2. larger images
    3. Yes Free Lance would be fun (read pick me! LOL)
    4. Schedules just mean you will get off schedule 😀
    5. Still loving the blog 😉 Yes working on ad… ok it’s on my list 😀

  • Meg says:


    -one post per item (this is better if I want to bookmark something and come back to it later)

    -medium (400px sounds great) images on main page, with click through to larger version available

    -freelances articles? possibly. I’m mainly here for reviews and images of new items, but if they were sufficiently well done and interesting, I’d read them.

    -no preference on posting schedule

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