June 15, 2007 § Leave a comment

Silly me, I watched the season finale of Heros hanging on the *plot*.

Trinitee Trilam of Refuge has shown us all the error of our ways once again with Saunders. And to think I wanted to kill her just cause she was mean to Mica. Now I have to raid her closet afterwards! My favorite thing about this outfit is that it comes with the coat and the top. So you can switch out when you get inside. Or just feel like it. Lots of great detailing on the textures. Lots of prims. I love the coat skirt. It just works. It looks incredible too.

Inset- Yes, I am wearing Miriel’s new “Find Your Way” necklace. It’s beautiful of course. I would soo buy this IRL. It has a longer chain to take advantage to the cleavage-baring fashions (I don’t look like I’m choking ;-)) Part of the Miriel Everyday line, it’s only $65L a set. Collect all 3 lol.

The hats are from Pixel Dolls. Neph’s gone just a little sculpty crazy ;->. If you noticed the lines in the top picture, they are there in-world too. Some kind of edge on the feather texture. This one on the bottom doesn’t have it. I fully intend to make a copy without the lace at some point as well.
You’ve probably also noticed my hair sticking through my hat too. I left it like that on purpose. In fact, I don’t own any hair that didn’t stick out of the hat without pushing it up so that it looked like it was sitting on hair made of steel instead of my head. Which I think is the one reason I forgot when I was approached by a beginning milliner as to why I didn’t wear them much.
The alternative, hats with hair attached, works well but leaves us with beautiful pieces like those above that still don’t look quite right. So a plea to hair designers- Hat Hair! Hair made specifically for going under hats. Fitting close to skull, then flaring out or whatever at the chin.
C’mon we know you can do it.

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