How to make a system skirt work

June 20, 2007 § 7 Comments

How to make a system skirt work

Most fashionistas loathe system skirts. Some don’t care. Very few actually like them. Therefore it’s always news when one finds an outfit with a system skirt they like. Below is a list of guidelines for creating these mythical beasts based off of examples.

1. Continuity – The design has to keep flowing from the top to the skirt. The two most annoying things about a system skirt are: a) the way it pops out giving everyone a giant butt and b) the way it floats above the waistline, disturbing the visual flow.

2. Camouflage – Visually hide the “bump” that happens when the skirt layer starts. The belt on Marissa above does this well as does this wrap dress. Keeping it looking like one piece of clothing de-emphasizes skirts flaws (which are more than two).

3. Shape – The skirt creates a specific shape, you must integrate that shape into your design. If you don’t it just looks like a dress squeezed onto the system template.

4. Distract – See how the eye skips from the wrap over the trouble area down to the next black part of the pattern?

So by all means use the system skirt.

Necessity is the mother of invention. The system skirt is what Linden Labs has given us. Work with or around it, but you CAN make it work.


§ 7 Responses to How to make a system skirt work

  • Dress number three, that killer black dress, where can I find it; I MUST HAVE IT! šŸ˜‰

    Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  • Tanya Book says:

    It’s an old Dazzle dress. Sorry, but Ginny has retired it. Might watch my old items auctions at, but I doubt this one will be one I put out for sale.

  • Roslin says:

    Great tips! I think you can even apply them to a woman’s body in real life actually…it’s all about illusion! The system skirt should not be given up on all together and when worse case scenario arises…go on and wear a dress shape!

  • Chav says:

    I’ve come to like the system skirt. Something about the shape as opposed to the shape of most prim skirts. It’s relatively figure-hugging and it can look gorgeous in the shades.

  • Seraphine says:

    You show great examples of the system skirt done correctly. Ivalde is one of my favorite designers.

  • I wear the system skirt…..a lot! (my shape’s butt is set with the system skirt in mind) and I love Dazzle Marissa and begged Ginny to make it in a true black. sniff. I pair it with TaP and ETD Hair too (often Refined or Graceful) It’s one of the best dresses in SL.

    And you’re reminding me that i need to buy more Ivalde.

  • […] 2007 by Tanya Book Ginny liked this enough to name it after herself. Now Ginny seems to have the system skirt mastered so you don’t really realize you’re wearing one. Granted this one has prim […]

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