I R Mod

June 21, 2007 § 1 Comment

Yes, I’ve been reading way too much lolcats. But that’s really the first thing that popped in my head when I started putting on clothes from Kit’s folders. One of the interesting things she does is including accessories, giving you a complete outfit. This helps me a lot because while I admire the look on other people, I can’t pull it off myself to save my life.

CKS by Kit Maitland

Kensington is the black and white number. everything I’m wearing came in the box, including the shoes and button earrings. I was so excited. I don’t wear button earrings IRL but I haven’t seen them in SL before. It’s actually a shorts outfit with ruffles around each leg. Tattoo-wearers should know that the sleeves are on the underwear layer.

Chelsea is a white dress with a lace overlay that comes with the boots and the earrings and bangle. The bangle is originally set higher up on the arm but it’s no mod so I had to slide it down rather than stretch it. No biggie, still looks good.

Soho comes in a number of colors, I meant to try them all on to choose one but put the blue top on and went “Ooooooooh” so that’s the one you’re seeing. It’ only came with the bangle but it does come with a bangle for each color of the dress. Still no mod. I stole the boots from Chelsea and the Chaos Beads earrings from Charmed.


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