Vintage Librarian

July 5, 2007 § 6 Comments

Sunday morning, er afternoon, Tanya yells down to me Relika’s a librarian! I find out what all this is about when I read the forums and find the Vintage Librarian ad. And yes, Relika is a librarian, which means I have to buy the outfit and review it because I’m a librarian too. *points to degree no one can see*

Since Relika did the traditional look, I felt the need to do urban.

The look isn’t as extreme as it could be but this is my rl area of expertise and librarians are a conservative bunch, at least the ones who hire you are. The shading and detailing on the top and skirt are very well done. The bow is a really cute side tie.

Then I had to do a moderate version.

I started not to wear this hair because it make me look like a librarian. Then I remembered 🙂 First, notice the subtle makeup? Remember conservative? And the flats? When you spend that much time up and down walking all around a huge building, heels are literally a pain. No sweater because Frustrated hadn’t opened yet but they’re Grannie Cardigans are perfect! Every library I’ve ever been in has been freezing 🙂

I was tempted to do a pic like I wear at work but I don’t have anything that bad in my inventory and it’s going to stay that way lol!

§ 6 Responses to Vintage Librarian

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