Our Loft

July 13, 2007 § 3 Comments

Since Tanya won’t be posting much in the next few days, you get big posts from me ;-).

We finally decided to set up a mutual living space to hang out in. Naturally, I then had to take pictures and show you guys ;-). We decided on a skybox for the privacy so I did a ton of research, narrowed it down, and settled on the first one I thought of, lol. It turns out there’s a Sidney version but the only way to see it is to IM the creator for a private viewing. Tanya has an ao with a gagillion prims that she wanted to be able to edit at home. Naturally, I turned into the prim police. So everything tends to be fairly lo-prim.

Next was the furniture and I decide not to get any two pieces from the same place to avoid a set look. I’m pretty prone to it but it would just be too out of place at in a loft.


So, here’s the view from the front door. Clicking on any of these pictures takes you to our flickr site where you can get the full size versions. Some of the things I already had and no longer remember where I got them from. Feel free to ask about anything you like though. Most of it I just bought, particularly the furniture, so I should be able to track it down.


From the front windows in the left corner. It’s a good thing we like contemporary and modern pretty well. It’s apparently fairly difficult to do low prim classic furniture. Barnesworth was kind enough to show me a chair he had done and, while it was gorgeous, the prim count was more than we had for the entire land holdings. The white chair he just put out on the other hand is only 7 (the full size couch is like 14). Loving sculptys.


From the front windows center. For other newbies, the secret when furniture shopping seems to be, like with jewelry, prim work and texturing. Also, the quality of the built-in animations if they have any. Check out the blue couch from Blip. I love the worn edges and the sitting animations.


From the front windows in the right corner. The waterfall is a picture Tanya sent me that I just textured onto a prim sized to cover a poster painted onto the wall texture. The cats are Tanya’s terrible trio, picture courtesy of yours truly, another custom piece to fill a specific shape space.


The stuff on the bookshelf has already changed 2 or 3 times lol. I guess when I’m finished, it’s time to start over.


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