Another Librarian and another Mixup

July 14, 2007 § Leave a comment

I’m doubling up in these posts so I don’t get so behind again.

Have I mentioned that I’ve got a Savvy addiction? I think someone mentioned Soni as an ’80s outfit but I saw it and went “librarian!” The leggings that came with it didn’t even show up against my dracula look so I went for stockings instead. The sweater is from Frustrated because I was at work when I took it and I was freezing! The prim bow takes the place of necklaces but considering where it’s placed, I can’t imagine one looking good with it anyway. The hair is Petrelli from Sinistyle in flux tinted a little darker. I’m really loving it.

I gave myself a fashion challenge. Those boots for work, but not hidden under a long skirt. Straight skirt (Luminosity-Metro), white shirt (mens), and the Diamonte set from Ame True designs (at EMJ). What do you guys think?

I’m pretty sure it looks night outish but did I manage to avoid hooker?

So the hair. I went to SLink when it first opened but didn’t buy anything because there were no demos. Apparently someone spoke to the designer because there was this time. Unfortunately. There were still only 4 hair textures. They’re a little shallow, with that white horizontal stripe I hate. Which is a real shame because I lust after this style in a dark blond. But at $300L a pop, there is just no way with the current textures. She has skins out too that are very interesting. They are extremely stylized, very 1930’s/40’s. By *all means* go try the demos. You know how Sabrina is about skins? That’s how I am about hair textures. You may not notice what drives me nuts and the styles are amazing! There’s this french twist that’s perfect. It even has the decorated pin heads. The skins are unique as well, I just prefer a more natural look.



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