Freebie Frenzy

July 15, 2007 § 1 Comment

I’m drugged to the gills for the pain, but I’m back. I made it to the Simone Fashion Show Saturday evening and took some photos for you to check out. Anyone with more details please add a comment to the photo as I was too drugged to keep up with stuff as it went past.

Anyway there’s been a rash of freebies/dollarbies releases recently so I’m throwing together a round up. First up is the second freebie release of Pixel Dolls (only available at Port Seraphine location).
Snapshot_003 copy

Next up is the L$1 dress by Last Call. It comes in 6 colors, but I’m only featuring the one right now.

Last, but definitely not least is a L$1 pack from Amaretto which comes with a pose that Lux made, but as the pose is a “back” forward pose I’m using one by Luth Brodie instead. I look forward to seeing the rest of the collection. While I’ve made poses in Poser I cannot get it save in a method that SL likes (if someone’s got a good tutorial please let me know).


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  • You could also try Avimator or QAvimator for making poses. They’ve got a couple bugs (QAvimator is a bit better about this) and irritating bits (you have to type in the .bvh extension manually when saving, for instance), but mostly they’re very straightforward.

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