Ton Visage

July 21, 2007 § 2 Comments

I’ve been putting this off for a while now because it’s a big job but the debut of the new Sin Skins Ton Visage faces finally spurred me on. The demo packs come with two skin tones, I’ve worn the lighter one, There are four makeup options: Daywear (full-length shot), Fresh (top square), Glam (middle square), and Runway (bottom square).

Aisha is one of the new faces and my personal favorite. I absolutely adore the subtle sheen on the lips and the dramatic eyeliner.

While I love the sheen on Aisha, I love the colors on Audrie. The lipstick on the Daywear makeup is close to my perfect color.

Kira has more of that sheen, a beauty mark and the iridescent eyeshadow on the Runway skin.

All of the Marzipan lips remind me of chocolate, except for the Glam skin which has that impossible rich red rose petal gradient.

Based on the ads, Sakura is supposed to be an Asian skin, which might be why the makeups don’t appeal to me, though I adore the porcelain tone. Of course, I wear the Asiatique light TaP skins. I’m southern Italian, I’m yellow instead of pink. 🙂

Seren has more gorgeous porcelain skin and more makeups I don’t care for.

Forgive the odd look of my hair and eyebrows but I wanted to keep everything the same for comparison’s sake. Some of the rest of them have realistic looks but Cocoa is where it really hits for me. The way the lip color shines is exactly like every African American woman I’ve ever known.

So, if I like so many of them, why am I wearing all demos? Because they’re all too dark! Most of the list I wore Stratus but I’m a Nimbus girl. Only one face came out in that, see below.

Vanity is the only Ton Visage face that came out in my preferred tone of Nimbus. However, it was pretty ghastly. The highlights look like I didn’t know where to stop with the glitter dust. The Stratus version of the same skin looks better though, which may be why no other Nimbus skins have come out.

The announcement says this is the new direction of Sin Skins. While the facial shading on the darker skins is fantastic, the lack of full skin range we’re used to is troubling. Does Portia mean to focus on making incredible makeups for two skin tones at a time? Or will she flesh them out eventually? Is she buried in photoshop as we speak? Or has real life conquered all? I’ve heard stuff secondhand but first hand communication is needed here.

Thanks to Second Wave for the O Ring bikinis.


§ 2 Responses to Ton Visage

  • smiletenshi says:

    In the first block of your photos, your face is far too differently shaded from your body.

  • Chav says:

    I been wearing Ton Visage Glam Sakura for a while now, and I nearly got the Runway one at one point only it made my eyes look a bit too tiny somehow. But yes. I tend to buy one skin and stick with it for ages (because damn those things are expenive unless they’re from Panjen). It makes me feel posh like a proper fashionista.

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