Shopping Directory #2

August 15, 2007 § Leave a comment

It’s here. I should have been in bed hours ago, but I finished it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All the kiosks in world should have the new image within 2 hours, but they will give out the correct directory NOW. And congratulations to Luth Brodie. Her ad was voted in the comments as people’s favorite ad so she wins the first spot in this issue. Landmarks are in a notecard within the Directory. Wear it. Click the “Menu” tab. Click “notecard.” It will give you the notecard.
Special thanks to my friend Delfina Vacano who owns Second Life Shopping Guide. She did an awesome job on the cover for me.

You can pick it up at my medieval peasants cottage, Tete a Pied, Skin Within, Miriel, She’s So Unusual Shoes, CKS Designs, Mad About…, or Rose Petal Creations. I will post it on OnRez tomorrow.

Win the #1 or #2 slot of ads

Would you like to win the first or second slot of the directory? I have a different competition for this one. I have reset all the kiosks in world. The store that gives out the MOST directories from their kiosk(s) will win the first slot in the directory. The store that is MOST IMPROVED will win the #2 slot (I recorded the stats before reseting them.).

Need a Kiosk? You can pick them up free from On Rez (just pick the style that will match your decor or use the Simple and make your own holder for it) or IM me in world and I’ll drop them on you.

Join the Group

I started a group for the Directory in world. Just search for “Fashion Shopping Directory” and it is free to Join.


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