bossa nova freebie

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Taking a break to do fun stuff. This dress was bossa nova’s group freebie with her latest release. And of course I had to show off Starley’s new Fall skins (which may be my favorite makeups of the Vogue line so far). You can barely see it but the necklace from Sub Rosa called Sweet Delight looks like something I own in real life. The hair is cotton candy by Sugar Cube. I’m not wild about lots of use of 2D prims to make hair. Strands usually end up sticking weirdly out of my chin for some reason. Tesla dropped these shoes on me, now I have never gotten into the pointy toed shoe fad (I know, shock), but these are pointed without looking like trying to go to needle points. They are supposed to be leather textures, but to be honest it didn’t look like leather texture to me (maybe it’s just this crazy computer I’m using). Despite that I really love the look of these shoes. Snapshot_006 copy
Photo Credits: Skin – Celestial Studios – Vogue Champagne – Fall 2; Hair – Sugar Cube – Cotton Candy – chocolate (review copy); dress – bossa nova – picnic dress – candy apple (group freebie); Jewelry – Sub Rosa – Sweet Delight set;Shoes – Tesla – Leather Vixens – Liquorice (review copy); Pose – Reel Expressions – Classy


SL Fashion Bloggers’ Choice Awards

September 29, 2007 § 6 Comments

bloggersawards-logo copyI feel I need a public explanation for this. If I contacted you about voting in the Blogger’s Choice Awards and you go to the URL now you’ll find a note and no way to vote currently. The URL for voting was getting more non-bloggers than bloggers so I made the decision to shut it down for now. I have no ideal how so many nonbloggers got the URL, but it happened. I was up until 4 am this morning. So I’m going to take a few days break before trying to get it set up again.


Blogger’s Choice Awards Nominations now closed

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bloggersawards-logo copyThe Nominations for the Blogger’s Choice Awards are now closed. Voting will reopen once I get the poll coded and formated and run until Nov 15. In the mean time, everyone’s invited to participate in the People’s Choice Award. I’ve used all the nominations for various categories. There are a few well loved SL fashion artistes who requested to be removed from the list. Remember that voting more than once per IP address will only count 1 of the votes.

People’s Choice Award

ETA: I just put together the list of Nominees & Categories. Please keep in mind that not all categories were thought up by me & I completed the Nomination form just like everyone else. (Actually I did mine first so I wouldn’t be influenced by anyone else.)


New Shoots

September 28, 2007 § 2 Comments

These are just a few of the items you will see at the New Shoots show tonight presented by Metro Models. First off is the raffle prize I won.
Photo Credits: Pose – Reel Movement – Fashion Series 2; Dress – Persona – Evening Inspiration – pink; Jewelry – Sub Rosa – Sweet Delight Earrings; Skin – Minneu Model Skins – Pale Gloss – Old Hollywood

Next is a review copies from AnnaH. This one is probably my favorite.
Photo Credits: Dress – AnnaH – Gillian; Jewelry – Sub Rosa – Sweet Delight Earrings; Skin – Minneu Model Skins – Pale Gloss – Old Hollywood; Shoes – Tesla – Leather Vixens – Liquorice; Pose – Reel Movement – Fashion Series 2

Photo Credits: Pose – Reel Movement – Fashion Series 3; Dress – AnnaH – Sirina

A sneak preview of the stuff I’ll be strutting.
Photo Credits: Pose – Reel Movement – Fashion Series 3; Outfit – Persona – Basic Business

Photo Credits: Pose – Reel Movement – Funky; Outfit – AnnaH – Neely



September 28, 2007 § 1 Comment

I was browsing Nyte n Day and found the Mortise sweater. There’s a prim turtleneck that doesn’t replace necklaces. The deep colors are very fall and can be brightened with contrasting accessories.

Fashion Shows

September 28, 2007 § 1 Comment

Last night I went to 2 fashion shows. I have some photos. First up is the MODA September showcase that I arrived late to. Flickr photo stream.

Second I went to the press showing of New Shoots. The public shows will be Friday & Saturday (check the calendar for more details). I will be modeling in the Friday evening show. There are freebies being given out as well as a catalogue of items being show & a raffle prize. Flickr photo stream.

As always if you read from Fashion Planet please visit the blog to see these slideshows. More later when my ISP decides to work.

Migraines bad. Pretties good.

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Migraines bad. Pretties good.
Snapshot_004 copy
Photo Credits: Necklace – Illusions – Signature Necklace – Tarnished; Dress – Sugar Cube – Dark Satin Lyricism@Air; Shoes – Chapeau tres Mignon – Black Panther Skin Shoes; Hair – Armidi – The Bombshell – Mocha; Skin – Skin Within – Adriana – Hellion

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