Jewelry Expo Booths slideshow & Bossa Nova & YSL

September 16, 2007 § Leave a comment

Since is down I can’t embed the slideshow of the Jewelry Expo Booths, but here’s the link to the Flickr slideshow. Some of the booths themselves are works of art.

bossanovaAlso don’t forget today is the Grand Opening of the new Bossa Nova shop at Amour 184, 59, 27

Don’t forget that at the Jewelry Expo there will be donations kiosk for the Red Cross. This money goes for a good cause and supports their efforts such as disaster relief, military family support, blood donations, as well as educational classes such as CPR and first aid. And when donations in the kiosks total L$50,000 I will run around the sim as RUTH. Miriel was kind enough to script the donations kiosks to display total donations instead of the individual kiosks. As of the time I’m writing this they are at L$16,726. So only L$33,274 to go.

And I got an email this morning with a teaser for an Yves Saint Laurent event. On October 1 at 8 PM there is an event introducing elle the new fragrance at the YSL elle island.

And on a side note, I’m having no end of trouble trying to get web pages to load today.


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