Re:Swirly’s Guide to Colour

September 25, 2007 § 8 Comments

Re:Swirly’s Guide to Colour

“These non-colours should be reserved entirely for use by librarians, government employees, and people who work in IT. Boring people.”


As a government IT librarian. (Yes. Really.) Does this mean these sinful, sensuous, seductive, chocolate tones are mine alone? (I freely admit to being boring.)

Not to mention the sophisticated, flexible, and delicious animal prints. (Shoes are from Chapeau tres Mignon.)


§ 8 Responses to Re:Swirly’s Guide to Colour

  • Sara says:

    Where is the dress from?

  • Yes darling, they are all yours! Except for the shoes of course, they are leopard, which IS a colour, and rather fabulous too. Swirly sends her condolences on your career choice dear.

  • Arianna Psaltery says:

    I too want to know where the dress is from. Stunning!

  • Mellyn McCarey says:

    Bravo, Amelia, taking on the Swirl Girl. Didn’t make her back down, but you look fabulous in that dress. That is its own revenge.

  • Casandra Shilova says:

    WoW! Who doesn’t like chocolate? You look like a handsome man’s meltingly HOT date to me.

  • Amelia Book says:

    It was a limited edition from Pixel Dolls named “Earth”. There was a whole elemental set. Thank you for the compliments, though I’m wondering about Swirly turning down chocolate of any kind.

    And sorry sweetie but leopard is a pattern with brown as the main color. My thanks on the condolences though, I won’t need them after Christmas.

  • Sera says:

    Anyone who doesn’t love just plain crazy. I love fall so i can wear browns not to mention all the great jackets and coats out right now. Color is good, but some people take it a little too extreme..coughs.

  • Amelia Book says:

    The super bright colors that some people (like Tanya) love make me look like a natural goth girl.

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