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September 27, 2007 § 1 Comment

Upcoming SL Fashion Events enjoy! As always you can subscribe to the google calendar to keep up to date info on upcoming events.

ETA: Oops! Due to me being a dolt, I’ve printed off the times in CENTRAL time instead of SLT. I have it corrected. (I think.)




September 27, 2007 § 2 Comments

feignant_002.jpg Le Feignant is from Pushbutton Industries. I love the lace effect and the tone on tone colors. The strong edge at the neck and the button detailing are great but the way it fades out at the arms and at the bottom looks unfinished.



September 26, 2007 § Leave a comment

The new Last Call releases were as magnetic as always but I had to get this military style overcoat called Frida

since it seems to be the way to catching Jack’s attention. (For those who have no clue, search google or youtube for Torchwood/Jack Harkness/John Barrowman.)

Exquisite jewels is of course, Earthtones. It’s my favorite since his… last release lol.


Booty from the Auction

September 25, 2007 § Leave a comment

I won SETI set in the Jewelry Auction. It just really appealed to my inner geek. So of course I had to show this off to you.
Snapshot_001 copy
Photo Credits: Skin – Tuli – Series 2 light #15; Jewelry – b.l.i.n.g. – SETI set; Hair – ETD – Anisa -Chestnut Burnt; Top – Luminosity – Celtic knit sweater; Pants – Luminosity – birch stripe jeans; Bracelet – b.l.i.n.g. – Cassie Pearl Bracelet; Shoes – Shiny Things – T-strap revised – white

Re:Swirly’s Guide to Colour

September 25, 2007 § 8 Comments

Re:Swirly’s Guide to Colour

“These non-colours should be reserved entirely for use by librarians, government employees, and people who work in IT. Boring people.”


As a government IT librarian. (Yes. Really.) Does this mean these sinful, sensuous, seductive, chocolate tones are mine alone? (I freely admit to being boring.)

Not to mention the sophisticated, flexible, and delicious animal prints. (Shoes are from Chapeau tres Mignon.)


September 24, 2007 § Leave a comment

Meh, 2 glasses of coke and some alcohol (Tanya and I celebrated my birthday yesterday) and I was in hell. Hating migraines.

After the latest ETD update, the fashionable masses were scrambling for the new styles while I headed for the clothes. But you already knew I was weird. It’s not that I didn’t like the hair, it’s just that I didn’t see anything that I thought would look particularly good on me. Meanwhile I’ve always been a big fan of Elika’s hand-drawn style and this layered henley is beautifully done.

Charmed Constellation Choker

September 24, 2007 § 4 Comments

It is always interesting to see a piece of work completed that you saw while it was “in the works.” The day the Jewelry Expo opened Delfina of Charmed was still working on this choker and sending a copy periodically for feedback. This is the completed product. I threw togethere the turnstyle sand dollar earrings with it, but I wasn’t too sure how well they went, but I just tried it. Snapshot_124 copy
Photo Credits: Jewelry – turnstyle – Sand Dollar Earrings; Skin – Tuli – Series 2 light #15; Hair – ETD Anisa – Chestnut Burnt; Dress – Luminosity – Marseille – black; Jewelry – Charmed – Constellation Choker – Scorpiustanya.jpg

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