Yes, No, Maybe

October 15, 2007 § 4 Comments

 Today’s items all have questions associated with them. Basically, I want your opinions.


From the top is the hair from Pixel Dolls.  The color hud concept is very exciting and the sculpty prims are expertly done but I miss the tiny detailed bits I’m used to with regular hair. I wonder if there’s a scripting issue.

Next is Nighttime Gems from Shiny Things. This is the first time Fally has done color change and as she notes, it makes for pieces too expensive for new or casual shoppers. On the one hand, I know my newbie friend couldn’t buy this, on the other I’m having a lot of fun with all the colors. My recommendation would be to see how well this sells (I expect very) and do something similar to either Earthtones with the less expensive set colors or Miriel with the inexpensive casual line to leave a hook for the newbie fashionistas. Anyone else have a clue?

And I’m wearing the StarleyII sweater dress by Last Call. After  my whining about having no neck I thought I should point out that I think this turtle actually looks really good on me. The belt on the other hand (a lovely sculpty) I can’t get to fit to save my life. What do you think? Should I leave it off and wear another?



§ 4 Responses to Yes, No, Maybe

  • Avalon Birke says:

    Same problem here with the Last Call Starley II – I gave up and wear it without the bottom part, with high waisted pants. Still very cute that way!

  • I wasn’t so pleased with the outfit myself, but it kinda grew on me after a while. And yes, that darn belt just didn’t seem to work wherever I tried to fit it to. It needs a belt if you wear the bottom part to cover up the seam between top and bottom. Like Avalon, I settle for wearing the top on it’s own unless I want to fiddle with the belt.

  • Jenny says:

    I wear the dress with the belt from the Stanley trench dress… it’s perfect!

  • Arianna Psaltery says:

    I like the color changing option and will pay the extra bucks to free up inventory space.

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