Skins Vs Skins

November 16, 2007 § Leave a comment

 I want to add my own regrets for the loss of Ginny Talamasca not just from the Second Life fashion community but from the lives of everyone who knew and loved him.


Lately we’ve been blessed with two entirely new and wonderful skin lines. In this first set, I’m wearing Chai by Launa Fauna. Skins are 1200L each but you can get discounts by buying store cards. If you can tear your eyes away from my chest and lips ;-), look at my eyebrows. Colorchange! She’s already put out 3 new makeups based on requests so get yours in.



The Stella di Roccia line is my favorite skin line from Pixel Dolls ever. Why then am I wearing a demo in the pictures? While the skin color is mod and the eyebrows are changeable, they only go so light. My best attempt got me a brownish-greenish-color. As the ad says, best for darker brow tones.

THe adorable pixie dress, btw, is a temporary freebie from Innovations.




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