December 18, 2007 § 4 Comments

PixelDolls has started a line of clothing called . 2811 . that will be sold exclusively on OnRez. I subscribe to the OnRez new items feed and have looked at many a promising piece of furniture only to not be able to find an in-world store.

Are the sales from OnRez this good?

You never see these pieces here because I don’t shop for Second Life items out of world.ย  Something in me distrusts the images. I feel like the ones in SL are higher res even if they’re not. I like being able to zoom in and generally experience it as much as I’m able in game. Love models, other customers already wearing it or other fashion bloggers who got there first.

I also have an aversion to registering with another site. Particularly when my money is involved. It’s not that I distrust OnRez, it’s that I’m paranoid. I don’t do automatic bank withdrawals either. The risks just don’t outweigh the rewards for me right now. Maybe they will later.

So, this is one PixelDolls line I’ll be missing. I’m interested in what other people think of the OnRez only vendors idea.ย  Am I being sooooo web 2.0?!


§ 4 Responses to OnRez

  • Apollonia says:

    Personally I swear by Onrez. How many inworld stores allow transfer? It makes Christmas shopping dead easy. And – I am also building a new house, and Onrez lists how many prims each item has. Which is vital when working with only 351. :\
    There is also the benefit of no lag shopping, and a keyword search turns up anything you want in moments. I spent 6 hours poofing around inworld to find a particular necklace for my beloved, and I gave up in disgust. After discovering Onrez it took me around 17 seconds to find it, buy it, and have it delivered.
    If you are concerned about the safety of finances, then just transfer linden from inworld to your SL account. Search for what you want, then transfer over just enough to cover those purchases.

    ~This is an unpaid testimony – I just loves me some Onrez! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Nephilaine says:

    It’s definitely not an issue of the sales at OnRez being “that good”. If one’s goal is to get product in front of as many eyeballs as possible, clearly inworld is the best route. But that wasn’t really what was on my mind with this line…here are my reasons for launching the items there rather that in world (no particular order):

    1.) Space in world- My store is *crowded* right now. I will organize it after the first of the year to make more room, but just don’t have time right now. In the meantime, I thought it a shame to just sit on this line of clothing and wanted it to be available. There is a LOT more to this collection that hasn’t been rolled out yet, enough that it’s sortof distracting to have it sitting there unreleased. Like it was taunting me every time I opened my inventory. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    2.) It’s something I haven’t tried- what *is* the response to a web-only line of clothing, anyway? I don’t know. New approaches are always worth trying out.

    3.) Management- I have had a pretty good experience as a seller so far with OnRez’s sales management tools. When someone buys and SL or OnRez bugs up and botches the transaction, OnRez’s records actually let me know. Some indicator something has gone wrong is better than none, as we get with inworld failures. This way I can at least attempt to be proactive with ensuring successful purchases. I like that a lot.

    So there you go! For what it’s worth, why I did it this way, this time. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Sasy Scarborough says:

    I did a huge adoration post to OnRez back when it was still SLBoutique, I have always been a huge fan of it over slx.

    Not only are all the points that Apollonia made absolutely true, but the major draw for me is that anything you buy that is NO transfer on OnRez is re-sendable, meaning you gift it and they dont get or in a burst of mad notice clicking end up declining, its no issue you just resend it.

    If you buy it for yourself and your inventory has one of those days when nothing is loading,and SL is being quirky and you know you have bought the perfect set on onrez in the past but cant locate it RE-send it …lol its like spare inventory.

    Images when done properly by the creator are often clearer and you have the larger image option, that it doesnt matter how close you zoom in in world doesnt show you enough.

    There is also one huge factor that many use it for, when at work or doing other things online but not in world, you can quickly grab those items from your favourite reputable stores and thats time and effort you dont have to make in world when you log in if you have a time issue, like getting home from work ten minutes before an event etc .

    From a designer/creator perspective (as in my experience as staff) no commision is paid out to onrez, which actualy gives NEW designers that much needed awareness, without having to rent 50 stores in world, they can start out on OnRez and build from there.

    Now my favourite theory for why it will gain in popularity besides all the incredible content.

    The NAUGHTY theory …I would bet that many a pink ball bouncing babe is shopping between xcite clicks and there is no way blue ball bouncing boy would have the faintest idea lol , that was my theory a few weeks back, had to share.

    The other and most important thing is that the staff behind OnRez are incredibly professional Jade Lily rocks my world , they have as much as possible listened to the needs of the residents and it shows by the amount of designers now on OnRez compared to the amount that would list on SLB (still loved SLB though it just got better โค )

    Sorry for the long rant , seriously Amelia go register and go look as Apollonia said just put in what you need to….and by the way there are some KILLER Freebies on there .

    xoxox Sasy xoxo

  • I’ve never done a lot of shopping on OnRez, because I enjoy the experience of inworld shopping. I knew there were a lot of items on OnRez not available in world, but I didn’t realize top designers like Nephilaine were putting entire lines exclusively on OnRez. Thanks for the discussion, everyone. I can see I’ll have to check OnRez more often!

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