Grey Day

January 29, 2008 § Leave a comment

This outfit started with the top that I fell in love with. The skirt and shoes were just too perfect a match.

When I first saw all the wild colors that the Miam Miam Luxe bags came in I wondered who on earth would want them but here I am with another one. It was just the perfect thing to pull out the yellow trim.

As for me, I fell in love with this skin from Another Fundraiser but the eyebrows, eh, so I decided to go with the black Irish look for once.


*Kenzie&Co* Wonder Eyelet Mixed – Grey and Yellow

*MM Luxe* Eydie Handbag (Canary)

Another Fundraiser-*Nuclear Boutique* Skin: Whisper

bossa nova – juju skirt in gray (group exclusive)

enkythings Khan

(Miriel) Eyes – Sapphire

ETD WLSB Collection: Bedded Attitude



January 28, 2008 § 1 Comment


Ahem. Carollin is the gorgeous pendent and earring set available in silver or gold. The boho bag is Starley’s first try though it certainly doesn’t look it.


Miam Miam Luxe

January 25, 2008 § 6 Comments

 Miam Miam put out some new jewelry and bags in gorgeous deep color.


This is the amethyst bracelet and earrings with the croissant satchel in prune. I’ve also got a new LF Chai skin, Zorena.


Then there is the adorable multi jewel charm necklace and dangle earrings that go perfectly with the Eydie handbag in magenta. I’m also wearing a new new skin from Tete a Pied, Lalique 3.



January 24, 2008 § 2 Comments

Spirit now is on a skin kick. And we all know how I love skins! Granted they don’t have my Tatts on them, but I enjoy them anyway. And if you look at the bottom photo you get to see a rare sight. Me wearing pink. Snapshot_001
Photo Credits: Skin – Spirit – Snow Queen, Clara; Hair – ETD – Starley II – Chestnut
Photo Credits: Skin – Spirit – Sugarplum, Coppelia; Hair – ETD – Starley II – Chestnut
Photo Credits: Outfit – Spirit – Moulin Rouge Pink Diamonds; Skin – Spirit – Moulin Rouge Diamonds 1 Skin Medium; Hair – ETD – Starley II – Chestnut

PixelDolls Corset Belts

January 23, 2008 § 1 Comment

 These belts are Neph’s response to a problem that has long plagued fashionistas. What do you do with that top that just doesn’t reach the top of your bottoms? While showing a little belly can be sexy it can also just look really trashy.  These belts are just the thing to add style as well as cover and I hope she adds more designs to the line.




My shoes above and below are Maitreya, I’ve been waiting a long while for those glossy red pumps :->. My jewelry above is from Earthstones, a little place just starting with a shop on the Couture sim.




January 20, 2008 § 3 Comments

AnnaH Whitfield dropped a few of her new release on me about a week back. I’ve totally been a slacker not posting them until now. Check them out. AnnaH_001
Photo Credits: Dress – AnnaH – Angela gold; Hair – ETD – Starley II – Chestnut; Skin – Another skin Le – Greed; Pose – Reel Expressions – classy 6

Photo credits: Pose – Reel Expressions – expression 5; Dress – AnnaH – Beatrice; Skin – Another Skin Le Greed; Hair – ETD – Starley II – Chestnut

Photo Credits: Pose – Reel Expressions – expression 6; Dress – AnnaH – Eleanor; Skin – Another Skin Le Greed; Hair – ETD – Starley II – Chestnut


January 17, 2008 § Leave a comment

I couldn’t resist this shirt called Fantasy from Fuel



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