I watch too much TV

September 30, 2008 § Leave a comment

I recieved a review pack from Dick Wiesel from WoE and I first opened 3 things because of characters on my TV shows. And I couldn’t resist using the new Arty V2 poses that Luth dropped on me.
Aiden (Burn from CSI: NY season 1) is actually a male outfit. Casual jeans & Tee that I can see Aiden Burn wearing. Jayne (Cobb from Firefly) is a female outfit. And Peyton (Driscoll from CSI: NY) is a country girl outfit that I can’t see the proper British medical examiner wearing, but none the less is rather cute. I realized I need a good pair of cowboy boots.

Photo Credits: Poses –  Reel Expressions – Arty V2; Accessories – Miriel – Cathedral Jewelry – Carnival; Skin – Another Skin – Le – lust; Outfit (L to R): all WoE – Aiden, Jayne, & Peyton; Hair (L to R): all Gritty Kitty – Penny in Brown, Thursday in Brown, & Ministry in Liquorice; Shoes (L to R) – She’s So Unusal Shoes – SassyGirl – Dollar, Maitreya – Enchant – White, & Maitreya – Enchant – Black

Free Fallin

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No idea where that came from, but oh well.  I saw Thema’s post on these boots from Pixel Mode and had to have them. Plum is my favorite color and this shade especially. At 500L, they’re a little expensive, but you get 4 pairs of boots: color and black, each with silver or gold detailing. While I was there I picked up some other things, including this pencil skirt. Look at the detail. The jewelry is the Cathedral freebie from Miriel, she just sent it out to her group.

Lost Rainbows

September 29, 2008 § Leave a comment

No one wanted to submit photos of what Rainbows they had in their inventory to the Flickr group. 😦 Oh well.

Next word I picked was “Dollar.” I really didn’t have as much as I thought I would.
The earrings and the shoes were the only things that matched the word Dollar in my inventory.
The earrings are something I picked up at last year’s Jewelry Expo. They are Sand Dollar earrings from Turnstyle. The hair reminds me of the girl on Inspector Gadget.
The shoes are from She’s So Unusual Shoes and were given to me as a review copy.

Photo Credits: Shoes – She’s So Unusual Shoes – Sassy Girl Dollar Pumps; Skin – Another Fundraiser – Eloh’s Le by AnnaH; Earrings – Turnstyle – Sand Dollar earrings; Outfit – Luminosity – Irvington – red; Hair – Gritty Kitty – Penny – brown

Sophisticated Pink & Blue

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Where to start? The beautiful outfit is from MichaMi. I was looking for a contrasting color for fun when I saw this purse from SLink. The bags have been out for a while but the pinks are new and I love the shades. The jewelry is from Eolande. I comes in different metals and the gems are color-change. The shoes are new from Shiny Things. They’re very simple but they come in some great colors.

Rummaging the closet

September 26, 2008 § Leave a comment

Poking around in the old stuff today and I ended up in a barn.

Photo Credits: Skin – Lovey Darling – chai – cafe; Outfit – Last Call – Baroness; Jewelry – Last Call – Baroness Bit; Boots – Shiny Things – Old Boots – brown; Hair – Maitreya – Nikki – Chestnut

More Rainbow

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Wow this thing really has sort of taken off. No submissions to Flickr yet. But I did do some shopping for things I had liked from Willow Zander’s post and received a few sneak peek gifts. First I had to go buy Launa’s Chai Specta skin.
Photo Credits: Poses – AnaLu; Hair – ETD – Chalisa II – Chestnut; Shirt – Blaze – Boyfriend Buttondown; Jewelry Woo’s – In the Name of Love Multicolour Bangles & Lassitude & Ennui – Ryda – Gold & Rainbow; Skin – LF Chai – Nutmeg – Spectra

Also I went out and found Brite at Gritty Kitty. To save time I’ve paired it with eyes & skins that will be prizes of an upcoming prize hunt hosted by Laynie Link & Teagan Blackthorne. So keep an eye out for their announcement.
Photo credits: Hair – Gritty Kitty – Brite – Brown; Earrings – Lassitude & Ennui – Rydra – Gold and Rainbow; Eyes – ~TL~ Rainbow Eyes; L to R Skins by ~TL~ – Treacle Skin, Honey skin & Agave skin – all Elina


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Jeans are from Crash, I like the butt. I’ve never outgrown my ’80s preppyness so I couldn’t resist Awori Cassini – Canvas Ballerinas.

The new Truth

September 25, 2008 § Leave a comment

I’m not usually a tank person but I couldn’t resist this one from Truth, purple, gold and a dynamic graphic design. The hair is from hair fair: Argrace Hunting. The hat is really nicely done.  New skin from Chai, love the dramatic eyeliner. Jeans are from Crash.

Rainbow 3

September 24, 2008 § 4 Comments

I agreed to do this inventory search thing with Tanya but I never thought I’d actually have stuff for “Rainbow”. To my surprise I had a lot.

I’m combining this with some stuff I had to blog anyway.

Hair is the Rainbow style from Calla, Top is the Rainbow sweater from Canimal, green bangles are Rainbow bangles from Hielasangre Designs.

Earrings and necklace are Polished stones long – rose quartz gold from *PERSONA*, jeans are Crash, Rose bangles are from Fresh Baked Goods,  Belly Rings is Kabbalah Tree of Life from EarthStones. I hadn’t realized how long I’ve been waiting for nice belly rings.

Word Association: Rainbow

September 24, 2008 § 4 Comments

I was staring at my inventory trying to decide how to get out of a funk when inspiration struck. Really I took inspiration from Willow Zander’s Rainbow post. And I decided to see what I had in my inventory that was rainbow hued. I came up with quite a few things. Even some things I forgot I had. So I played around. I hadn’t yet bought the Spectra skin from Chai, but I wanted to see what I had without buying anything so this is the result.

Try it yourself and see what you find. I’ve love to see your results. In fact I started a flickr group cause I’d like to see. How do you do it?

  1. Open your inventory and search for the word “Rainbow”
  2. Put it on.
  3. Photograph yourself. Edit if you need to.
  4. Join & Post to our NEW Flickr group. Be sure to tag the photo with the tag “Rainbow”.

I’ll feature my pick on Mon 29 Sept 2008 so get to work if you want your photo to be eligible to be on SL Fashion Notes.

Photo Credits: Poses – AnaLu; Shoes – Tesla – Marie – Blue; Hair – ETD – Lovely – Rainbow; Skin – Another Skin – Le – Greed; Top – Angel7 – TubeBoneRainbow; Jeans – Indie Rainbow – Light Denim Jeans; Jewelry – Lassitude & Ennui – Ryda – Gold & Rainbow; Belt – Studio Sidhe- Rainbow Suede Double belt; Wings – Pink rainbow tiped petal wings by Candie Apple

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