Some Photoshop Rambling & I play with Splendor skins

September 19, 2008 § Leave a comment

I’ve been working on my PhotoShop Elements skills. I lost my Photoshop 7.0.1 when I was installing Leopard. I couldn’t find the original install disks and it wouldn’t reinstall from the backup I had on the external drive. I played with Elements a bit in the Apple Store and decided it would work for the stuff I normally do for the blog. What I forgot to check to see if it would do is Targa files with transparencies. Why is this important on a fashion blog???? I downloaded Sezmra’s files for her new Splendor skin. Now I suck at painting so I haven’t yet succeeded in learning to do make up that I would even take outside of Photoshop. In fact I’ve deleted every attempt it was so horrible. Now I have placed my Tattoo’s that I put on Eloh’s skins on them, but I can’t figure out how to just save the tattoos on a transparent file so I can put them on an underwear layer. I actually like having the tatts on the skin cause then they don’t get removed if an outfit utilizes the underwear layer.  But it means I can’t wear it with every skin.

The necklace is something Caroline Apollo dropped on me. I really found the broken necklace novel.

Photo Credits: Accessories – Caroline’s Broke Long Strand – Black & Muse – Classic Tank Watch – black; Top – Persona – Arabella – dark grey; Poses – Torridwear – Override 2; Skin – Splendor; Pants – Launa Fauna – Isabeaux Leather pants –  black; Shoes – Maitreya – Risky – Brown Leather; Hair – House of Heart – Tuli – brown

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