Hmmmm, What to wear today?

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I crawl out of bed and stumble to the kitchen, pour myself a cup of ambition, yawn & stretch & try to come to life. (Is is bad that that came from memory without having to look it up?) I put on this Lingerie set that I was given by Hollee Dion I got the impression that I just stumbled out of bed wearing this.

Photo credits: Poses – Reel Expressions – Sex Sells v2; Hair – Curio – Holly – Dark Brown; Skin – Splendor; Accessories – Miriel – Tree of Life Necklace – Silver/Emerald; Shoes – Lyra Muse/Dazzle – enchanted – Black Onyx; Lingere – Lingerie by Hollee – Debauchery – cloud white

Your Sim Looks Like Wal-Mart

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I’m back home from Memphis. It was a really good trip. Good friends and lots of fun.
I don’t normally review Tshirts. Yes there’s lots of cute saying for Tshirts in SL, but BrookeMaree GossipGirl dropped a few tshirts as well as her jeans. I really liked the jeans so I found a Tshirt to amuse me.

Photo Credits: Poses – Reel Expressions – Posh; Hair – Diversity – Alesa -Cocoa Brown; Miriel – Tree of Life – Silver/Emerald; Shoes – Shiny Things – Kelly Sandals – black; Outfit – Crash Couture – Walmart Sim top & Darkside of Blue jeans.

Trailer Trash or Mexican Peasant

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I through I’d try a Trailer Trash look with this, but I may have went more Mexican Peasant style instead.

Photo Credits: Outfit – Archange – Michella – Cornflower; Hair – Curio – Ponytail – Brown; Skin – Nora – Splendor; Shoes – Shiny Things – Kelly sandal – black

Lost in Inventory

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Sadly this outfit in this tone can no longer be purchased, but other colors are available at Tuli’s shop. The shoes were something Rowan Carroll dropped on me to try and they seemed to go better with this dress than anything else I tried.

Photo Credits: Shoes- She’s So Unusual Shoes – Caramel Wedge Pumps; Pose – TorridWear Override 2; Hair – Aden – Suri – Dark Brown; Skin – LF Chai – Nutmeg – Indigo; Dress – Tuli – Pennie – RFL 2008

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Some Photoshop Rambling & I play with Splendor skins

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I’ve been working on my PhotoShop Elements skills. I lost my Photoshop 7.0.1 when I was installing Leopard. I couldn’t find the original install disks and it wouldn’t reinstall from the backup I had on the external drive. I played with Elements a bit in the Apple Store and decided it would work for the stuff I normally do for the blog. What I forgot to check to see if it would do is Targa files with transparencies. Why is this important on a fashion blog???? I downloaded Sezmra’s files for her new Splendor skin. Now I suck at painting so I haven’t yet succeeded in learning to do make up that I would even take outside of Photoshop. In fact I’ve deleted every attempt it was so horrible. Now I have placed my Tattoo’s that I put on Eloh’s skins on them, but I can’t figure out how to just save the tattoos on a transparent file so I can put them on an underwear layer. I actually like having the tatts on the skin cause then they don’t get removed if an outfit utilizes the underwear layer.  But it means I can’t wear it with every skin.

The necklace is something Caroline Apollo dropped on me. I really found the broken necklace novel.

Photo Credits: Accessories – Caroline’s Broke Long Strand – Black & Muse – Classic Tank Watch – black; Top – Persona – Arabella – dark grey; Poses – Torridwear – Override 2; Skin – Splendor; Pants – Launa Fauna – Isabeaux Leather pants –  black; Shoes – Maitreya – Risky – Brown Leather; Hair – House of Heart – Tuli – brown

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Heading to Memphis

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I’m headed out to Memphis. So I’ll be out of touch this weekend. The auto posting will be taking over. Follow my tweets on Twitter for updates.

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More hat hair

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Photo Credits: Pose – Reel Expressions – Sassy; Hair – Argrace Hunting – Velvety bob – Dark Brown; Skin – Another Skin – le – Pride; Accessories – Miriel – Teardrop Earrings in gold & Find Your Way Necklace in gold/black; Outfit – Last Call – Carolina – sangria; Shoes – Maitreya – Frisky – brown leather

Hat hair

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I love this hair. My hair is now almost this long and I own a similar hat.

Photo Credits: Poses – Reel Expressions – Rockabilly; Hair – Argrace Hunting – Chiffon Curl – Black; Skin – Another Skin – Le – pride; Accessories – Muse – Classic Tank Watch – Carmel; Dress – Luminosity – Trieste – green; Shoes – Maitreya – Frisky – Brown Leather

Layers are a girl’s best friend

September 16, 2008 § Leave a comment

Just because we’re entering Fall doesn’t mean we have to give up our beloved summer clothes. I’ve paired this skirt and flirty top with tights, the button boots and socks from Shiny Things (want these IRL soooo badly) and a jacket from Luminosity. Also one of the new skins from Chai.


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Photo Credits: Pose – Striking Poses – Lindsay Lohan; Hair – Aden – Kendra – DarkBrown; Skin – Skin Within – Arya Mousse; Shoes – Shiny Things – Vintage Pump – black; Dress – Zaara – Soul Curry

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