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I’ve had this top from LaLaFooFoo for an embarrassingly long time. It is too cool.

Post Jewelry Expo inventory digging

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Yes, expect a lot of jewelry the next few days. I finally got around to photographing a bunch of the stuff I picked up from the Jewelry Expo.

Photo Credits:  Hair – Gritty Kitty – Brown; Skin – Dutch Touch; Honestly, I lost my notes on this one.

Orange Glow

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Luxe is back with the Church of Luxe where I got this tee. AOHARU made these adorable tights. The necklace is from Dark Mouse, Pixel Dust made the hair and I got the ring (the metal, the stones, and the pearl are all color-change) from the Body Politik

Too Sweet

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I adore a princess seamed dress and I fell for this one from Exile at first sight. The pearl earrings and necklace are from Dark Mouse spotted at the jewelry fair. As big as my pearl folder is (and it’s huge) I didn’t have any bracelets until I saw Sian Birke Jewelry’s booth at the fair. < Yabusaka > made the ring (stones are color-change) as a fair exclusive. Skin from Fleur and I’m horrible about forgetting to mention where I got my poses but this week I’m using Torrid.

Something Old, Something New, Something Blue

October 21, 2008 § 1 Comment

Still on the blue kick. Outfit from Ivalde, full of charming detail. Necklace and earrings from *DelEmma*. I got it at the jewelry fair. Ring from Genesis, also a fair find and both the metal and the stone are color-change. I really appreciated how low-lag the fair was this year. It must have been hard on the designers but the effect was well worth it. I wound up going back a couple of times. I got the skin during PopFuzz’s 100L sale (color-change brows). I love the eyes on this skin but the lips were a little pale for me. I wish they were color-change too. The hat hair is a prize from a hunt by **DP**yumyum. It comes with (shown) and without hair and both hats are color-change. So adorable.

More new fun

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MichaMi: made the outfit, which also comes with a white top. Shoes from Truth. Love the design and the the roses are color-change. The bangles were a contest prize from Eolande but I would have paid for them. But then again,I love the color blue. The necklaces and earrings are from Luc, Lucas Lameth’s new brand. They look like Austrian crystal and the necklaces are separate so that you can wear it three ways. Another new hair from ETD and sexy new skin from Fleur round it off.

It Lives!

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School is abolutely nuts this quarter so I might manage to make a few minutes for shopping but not enough for blogging. I should be working on homework even now but oh well.

We are just overwhelmed with newness from favorite designers recently. Here we have new hair from ETD, gorgeous crop sweater from Truth, an adorable belly ring from Earthstones and fabulous new skin from Fleur. As always the makeup is incredible. The features are a more photo-realistic than previous releases. The eyebrows are still color-change. The earrings are a brand call Ruffian, where interestingly enough, everything is 1L. All the pieces in this set are oversized, good for individual statement pieces when you don’t want to wear a lot of jewelry.


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Okay working on the Word Association I looked up Pumpkin. I was surprised by what I did find. IRL I’m an October baby so I always love Halloween.

Photo Credits: Pose – Long Awkward Pose – Diva; Hair – Wilted Rose – Anamarie pumpkin (sarabi); Skin – miw – Boho – pumpkin; Shirt – Pushbutton Industries – Troubled Animals – Bat; Necklace – Alienbear – Pumpkin Kid necklace; Headband – Accessories by Eolande – Springy Pumpkin Headband


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Bella Bombast dropped a few items from her shop on me. I had hoped to see her at the Jewelry Expo (which is still going on!), but I didn’t see her. She also has eyes & skins shown here.

Photo Credits: Pose – Reel Expressions – Material Girls; Eyes – Uzuri – Piggy Brown Eyes; Hair – Aden – Edie – Dark Brown; Top – Crushed Lingerie – Simple Bra – Black

L: Skin – Uzuri – Nawel Natural v1.2; Jewelry – Uzuri – Kabyle braclet onyx, Kable earrings, Saharian Ring

R: Skin – Uzuri – Awa Natural v1.2; Jewelry – Uzuri – Circle of LIfe, Sacred bracelets

Ballerina in the Woods

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I can just hear [my friend] Lethann’s husband now. “I’m a pretty, pretty pink ballerina.” He randomly steals our phones and posts phrases like that to twitter via text. Keep in mine we’re both ballet trained and we both hate pink.

Photo Credits: Skin – Skin Within – Ahawi – Shaman; Pose – Pixel Dolls – Ballerina – AO; Hair – Naughty – Public Affair – Sable; Outfit – Spirit – Fall Ballet Collection 08 – Baroque Corset, Cranberry

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