Literature Challenge: Alice Cullen

February 8, 2009 § 2 Comments

I unknowingly answered Teagan Blackthorne’s Literature Challenge with the post on Esme, so I thought I’d do another (okay this was already in the works I just thought I’d give her credits for the challenge).


This is Alice from the Twilight saga. What do you think? Did I get close? Miss it by a mile? Do you even care?

Photo Credits: Pose -Vain Inc. Busted Pose; hair – ETD – Maaliyah – chestnut; Skin – Fleur Allure Ivory Kitten 1; Accessories – Eolande’s Snowflake earring – aurora borealis & Caroline Kitten Cameo Choker; Outfit – Archange Martine




February 7, 2009 § 2 Comments

Update: I don’t spend lots of time in Plurk, but apparently without realizing it I answered the Literature Challenge from Teagan Blackthorne. Keep an eye out for Alice coming later.

I was attempting to reflect Esme Cullen from the Twilight saga as she wasn’t in the movie much, but in the books I am fascinated by her character. . What do you think? Did I capture her general style?

Photo Credits: Hair – Armidi Hair – Abigail – Chocolat; Skin – Fleur Allure Alabaster Smokin’ 3; Dress – Ivalde – Rima – black; Pose- Striking Poses – Courtney Cox


A new loft- redecorated (also insanely image heavy)

February 6, 2009 § 1 Comment

I was only going to buy a desk and chair, honest! And I did … eventually.

Pics of the new desk area.

Shopping for the perfect desk naturally meant I had to visit every furniture shop in my landmarks folder, hunt down the ones that had moved, and look for new ones “just in case”.  At last I settled on this desk from Idea Home Center, along with the laptop to go with it. The lamp is from Exact (I picked it up looking for a desk). The chair is a dining chair from CORN Furniture. It was originally red but I changed the texture tint to blue to balance all the warm tones in that corner.

The screen is from Xylo’s. I had others but I liked this one better.

The picture is far to big for the bureau and I like the energy of it. Don’t ask me why 🙂

The blackboard was adorable but it just didn’t go with my furnishings. Besides, taking it out gave me 5 extra prims and this waterfall from Idea Home Center is only 3. Yes the prim count was really that close.

Finally, I’m pretty sure this chaise from CQ Design Furniture was my first purchase on my desk hunt. I wasn’t looking for seating and at 18 prims I certainly didn’t need it but how could I resist? It’s a throne Swirley could love. 😉

A new loft- insanely photo heavy

February 5, 2009 § 2 Comments

I’ve been bored with the last skybox we had for a little while but I was afraid Tanya would kill me for changing it again so soon. Turns out I was wrong so I went on a happy decorating spree. The loft itself was made by Noam Sprocket of Gritty Kitty and was only $300L. I loved the colors and textures so I picked it up as soon as I saw it and had been itching to pull it out.

At 42 prims it was almost 3 times “heavier” than my normal range but I was just going to to have to be minimalist with the furniture.

These are the first decorating attempt I made using only pieces I already had in my inventory. Barnesworth Anubis had a house tour recently where at every stop you were given a free piece of decor. In this pic the green chair and the pussywillow vase are his.

The gorgeous Arts & Crafts armoire and dresser were made by James Lindon. They’re very primmy (20 & 16 respectively) but I couldn’t resist finally being able to use them.

The swirly texture and blackboard bump-out are part of the loft.

I thought the space could use a smaller, more intimate conversation area that still didn’t block off the rest of the space.  The rug and lounge were two more of my Barnesworth goodies.

Basically I’m including this pic because I like the angle 😉 Also, you get a good look at the Tiered Organic Coffee Table (Barnesworth) and the ~Faboo~Candles.

One more to give an overall view. Next post to have the redone pics.


Day Trip

February 4, 2009 § Leave a comment


Another release frmo the new Mischief line. I wasn’t in love with it at first but it kept drawing me back and I finally decided to trust Janie. The result is a look that’s not quite me but in a good way. A really sharp and sexy look for shopping.


Past Life Pirate

February 3, 2009 § Leave a comment


Mischief has sold off all her old stuff and put out the new and WOW has her texturing gone up a few notches. It’s always been good but can you really tell the ruffle on the blouse is painted on just by looking at it?

All the poses in this post group are from [Lap]. Perfect fit, isn’t it.



February 2, 2009 § Leave a comment

Cupcakes does beautiful dresses but occasionally it also does great seperates like this.


This is the Collared Shirt and Underbust Vest. Just the thing for a funky day at work.


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