A new loft- redecorated (also insanely image heavy)

February 6, 2009 § 1 Comment

I was only going to buy a desk and chair, honest! And I did … eventually.

Pics of the new desk area.

Shopping for the perfect desk naturally meant I had to visit every furniture shop in my landmarks folder, hunt down the ones that had moved, and look for new ones “just in case”.  At last I settled on this desk from Idea Home Center, along with the laptop to go with it. The lamp is from Exact (I picked it up looking for a desk). The chair is a dining chair from CORN Furniture. It was originally red but I changed the texture tint to blue to balance all the warm tones in that corner.

The screen is from Xylo’s. I had others but I liked this one better.

The picture is far to big for the bureau and I like the energy of it. Don’t ask me why 🙂

The blackboard was adorable but it just didn’t go with my furnishings. Besides, taking it out gave me 5 extra prims and this waterfall from Idea Home Center is only 3. Yes the prim count was really that close.

Finally, I’m pretty sure this chaise from CQ Design Furniture was my first purchase on my desk hunt. I wasn’t looking for seating and at 18 prims I certainly didn’t need it but how could I resist? It’s a throne Swirley could love. 😉


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