It’s been a while

August 10, 2009 § Leave a comment


I finally get some time to blog and my computer starts going nuts. My (least) favorite are the random reboots. Deleting the preference folder fixes them for Second Life for a while but then it comes back. And don’t get me started on it not responding to input devices in WoW…

I got this dress a while ago from Ibizarre as a blogger thank-you gift. I would have never gotten it for myself because I would have been worried about how the layered prim skirt (2 separate skirts worn together) would fit. I would have been wrong though, they fit perfectly just stretched a little and flow beautifully with the bottom one rarely breaking through the top. It’s been my favorite sundress this summer.

The hair is one of my hair fair buys (does that tell you how long I’ve been working on this? Sheesh!) It’s from Refuge and looks like you just threw it up and it happened to come out perfectly, which my real hair has done exactly once in my life. Perfect for casual looks.

Fleur as you all know has been rebranded and 5th & Oxford and I’m thrilled with the Audrey skin line. It’s my new favorite with the perfect blend of hand-drawn and photo-sourced elements. It’s only 500L each with a 6000L giftcard for 3600L. Ros and CJ are very good at temptation aren’t they? 😉


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